famous Black’s Beach!

In the mid-November, I was lucky to go with my new colleagues for the biggest conference in my field, the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, and that time it was held in the sunny San Diego. Of course, it wouldn’t have been me, if I hadn’t planned to visit a nudist beach there, especially such a famous one as Black’s Beach. And I was double lucky that on the warmest day during my stay, when it was over 25ºC, the program seemed the least interesting so I skipped most of the day and headed to the beach (see the map for exact location).

As soon as I reached, it was pretty clear why this beach is so famous: it is, obviously, one of the biggest clothing-optional beaches and the view from the cliffs is stunning! It reminded me of the beaches of Meco in Portugal and Ga’ash in Israel.

I was surprised that on such an unusually warm day for November it was relatively empty, although it was Sunday, but I noticed some naked sunbathers immediately.

There are several trails leading down, and apparently I chose not the easiest one, but it was fun.

And I saw some lizards on the way down, apparently the enjoyed the sun too.
Soon I was walking on the soft beach sand, and look how the waves create a beautiful ornament of black and gold.
Then I saw that besides sunbathers there were surfers too!
But not naked :-/
Well, the water wasn’t too warm… But actually, first time I heard of Black’s Beach was because of the Nude Surfing Event. (check this link for more info)
Here is a video of one of the surfers.
Now, I’ve found that they actually arrange naked surfing lessons from July till September! I want to do that!!!
… but coming back to my calm day at the Black’s Beach, I was looking for a nice spot to lie down. I stayed near bushes and soon found that I had some neighbors: a rabbit (could not manage to take a photo of it) and a California ground squirrel that was quite tame and obviously was attracted to my nuts. (I mean I had some almonds with me 🙂

But then I got to know a bit more communicative neighbor, local visitor Alex. We chatted for a while, and it was him who disillusioned me by saying that such a hot day was not common that time of the year even in Southern California… But I still thought to myself that I might have made a mistake not applying for job at Salk Institute which is located practically on top of Black’s Beach, hehe. The idea that one can walk to such a beautiful beach for a lunch break sounds tantalizing! I did go to a lake for lunch breaks in my first year in Berlin until our lab moved, but even then my work was not that close to a naturist retreat like here.

Later in the afternoon I went jogging all along the beach and this gave me the real impression of how huge the beach is! But, apparently not all beach is officially a clothing optional area. When I ran in the northern direction one elderly man waived to me and told that I was way beyond the nude-friendly area and might get fined! If I understood correctly, the clothing optional part ends to the north of these rocks. But there was no sign. In any case, I didn’t feel bad, as only 2 or 3 people saw me in that section of the beach and there were either coming from or heading to the clothing-optional part, so I doubt they would be shocked by seeing a naked jogger.
Other people that I met gave me much more pleasant news. I saw one guy practicing some capoeira moves, but unfortunately he had to leave soon. I still haven’t mentioned that I did swim there too. The water was a little chilly, but I could stand it for 20-30min, amongst few others. And then, the only neighbor of mine, who went for long swims too, was coming from the sea almost crying. Don’t worry, he wasn’t bitten by a shark, those were tears of happiness as he saw a school of dolphins right next to him! He said it was one the most beautiful moments in his life, and I was very disappointed at myself that I left the ocean just about 10min earlier… I have swum with dolphins once, but that was in murky waters of Rio Negro in the Amazon basin so I couldn’t really see them underwater…
And when I was going back at sunset I saw a group of people playing volleyball, in the buff of course. This beach certainly seems to be perfect for many kinds of naturist activities 🙂

Before I was going to wear my clothes, I saw a threatening warning ‘Unstable Cliffs. Stay Back’
And I did so and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets 😎

One of the next (colder) days, I went there again with my colleagues for a short hike in Torrey Pines Park. When we went down to the beach I took some more photos, like this one with giant algae brought by waves on the shore.

And these are sandpipers; the smaller ones always run somewhat clumsily trying to escape the waves, while the bigger one stay calm.
And once in a while there were flocks of (probably) pelicans…
So overall, Black’s Beach seems to be perfect for nature lovers and active beach-goers. I hope to go there again, perhaps for a class of naked surfing!

Naked Boys Singing!

Americans have a reputation of a prude nation, and indeed the country is still recovering after Janet Jackson’s ‘wardrobe malfunction’in 2004, when one of her breasts, adorned with a nipple shield, was exposed by Justin Timberlake for about half a second 😀

But in the center of New York, Hell’s Kitchen in Midtown Manhattan, there is longer than an hour show with 8 totally naked guys singing and dancing a couple of meters away from the audience, Naked Boys Singing! How about that? And it is the longest running off-Broadway show, celebrating its 11th anniversary this year!
I heard about it a few years ago, then eventually got a DVD, and although not a fan of musicals, I was bound to see it live.
Here is a video the preview of the film:
I went to see it with several friends one of whom saw it in its first season, when it was a small performance in a gay neighborhood in West Village. Apparently, the show has slightly changed since then, and the cast changes every season; and it has certainly outgrown gay-men-only target audience, as about half of the visitors were women, although the texts still mostly address lives of gay men.
Most of the show is a comedy, like this song about perky little porn star:
And what I enjoyed too is that the actors like to interact with the audience. Well done and very entertaining, especially during the chilly winter weather!

Ilha Deserta em Portugal

No Algarve é possivel encontrar praias vazias e longe da confusão mesmo no verão.

Apesar de poucas serem as praias nudistas legais em Portugal (como Praia do Meco or Praia 19 close to Lisbon), algumas estão tão vazias que se torna possivel fazer nudismo e ninguém notar ou mesmo não se importar.

Uma dessas praias encontra-se na ilha deserta. Para chegar a esta ilha partindo de Faro basta ir ao linkhttp://www.ilha-deserta.com/?lang=uk. Cada pessoa pagará 10 euros por um bilhete de ida e volta, sendo a duração da viagem por volta de 30 a 40 min, mas a viagem é agradável podendo observar o parque natural da Ria Formosa.


Conseguirá ainda encontrar na ilha apenas um eco-restaurante e um número elevado de vespas, apesar de serem toleráveis.
A água não é gelada de todo de modo a poder ficar horas a mergulhar.
Será que expliquei bem as razões pelas quais eu vou a esta praia todos os verões? Atreva-se a ir.

Text and photos by Fabrício

Hiking near oasis at the Dead Sea in Israel

After spending 2 days of snorkeling at the Red Sea, I had to move further, and the next stop on my trip through Israel was the Dead Sea. I stayed at a friend of my new friend who brought me to Ga’ash beach in Tel Aviv. He lived in Ein Gedi kibbutz, which is a part of luscious Ein Gedi oasis off the shores of the Dead Sea. The sea-lake itself is of course the major attraction in the area, and I will talk about it in my next post, but there is also a nice opportunity to see local flora and fauna on a daily hiking trip. Ein Gedi nature reserve has two spring-fed streams with flowing water year-round: Nahal David and Nahal Arugot. The former is much more popular, and I was advised not to go there, as tourists pour in big portions coming with organized bus tours.

view 0001 Nahal Arugot, Dead Sea, Israel

So, I went alone to Nahal Arugot and for most of the time I wasn’t disturbed by anyone and even found some moments to enjoy the refreshing waters in the buff!

view 0000 Nahal Arugot, Dead Sea, Israel

Right after entrance, it did feel like it was a desert, but then it got quite green along the stream and at some points I walked right on its banks or even in its shallow waters.

view 0002 Nahal Arugot, Dead Sea, Israel

When it got deeper and wider, I couldn’t resist dipping in the water. Skinny-dipping, of course!

naturist 0001 Nahal Arugot, Dead Sea, Israel

But I heard some loud voices of american teenage tourists and had to cover fast. In any case I had to hurry, because the trail closes very early and I had to return to the entry point by 5pm.

Then I saw the first pool with waterfalls. That is what the trail is known for, but this one was quickly occupied by some American tourists and I continued further.

view 0003 Nahal Arugot, Dead Sea, Israel

I noted another pool but decided to stop there on the way back, if I didn’t find anything else.

view 0004 Nahal Arugot, Dead Sea, Israel

So, I continued hiking partially on the trail, partially through in the stream, in hope to find a more secluded spot. I found one pool that seemed to be somewhat hidden by the trees and bushes and refreshed again.

naturist 0003 Nahal Arugot, Dead Sea, Israel

It also seemed like a nice spot for having a lunch. While I was eating my sandwich, a couple of birds came very close to me.

bird 0001 Nahal Arugot, Dead Sea, Israel

They did not beg for food like their urban relatives, and it was nice to imagine that they were as curious about me as I was about them.

bird 0000 Nahal Arugot, Dead Sea, Israel

After food I went for another dip

naturist 0002 Nahal Arugot, Dead Sea, Israel

and encountered another creature that didn’t mind me taking a close-up photo.
dragonfly 0000 Nahal Arugot, Dead Sea, Israel

Then I finally continued hiking. I reached the tallest waterfall

view waterfall 0005 Nahal Arugot, Dead Sea, Israel

but didn’t stay there for too long as I wanted to go till the end of the trail.

view waterfall 0006 Nahal Arugot, Dead Sea, Israel

Unfortunately, just a little further above the waterfalls I was called by a guard, who told me it was too late to continue further. It sounded strange to me, as it was early still, but I didn’t bother arguing and started my way back in the direction of the Dead Sea.

view 0007 Nahal Arugot, Dead Sea, Israel

I was passing by the high waterfall again, but it was then full of VERY noisy teenagers, orthodox Jews this time. I was wondering why they needed to shout so much, as the place looked so peaceful and perfect for listening to the sounds of nature, but for them it was more of an attraction park, which is also understandable, given that they might not have too much access to natural freshwater pools if they lived in that area. But then I raised my head and right above the gorge saw a group of nubian ibexes.

nubian ibex 0000 Nahal Arugot, Dead Sea, Israel

Apparently, they were thinking about the same issues, as they were staring from above at the noisy tourists fooling around at the waterfall. The good part about their noisiness, I thought, was that in case I would do skinny-dipping, I could hear them approaching.

The pool that I noted previously was still unoccupied so I decided to enjoy it for myself.


As you can see, I also found it to be quite an attraction to slide down the stream bed into the pool.

It was also amazing to see ferns growing on the walls above the stream given that few meters away a rocky desert was starting.

fern 0000 Nahal Arugot, Dead Sea, Israel

But then even more amazing was it to see two animals side by side that you would never expect to see in the desert: a frog and a crab!

frog & crab 0000 Nahal Arugot, Dead Sea, Israel

After I had enough fun at the pool, I followed till the exit quickly and just stopped to take pictures of another group of ibexes, which came even closer.

nubian ibex 0001 Nahal Arugot, Dead Sea, Israel

I never thought I could spend such a refreshing day and seeing so much wildlife at the Dead Sea.

NYE in NYC with YNA = Nude Year’s Eve!

Many dream of celebrating New Year in New York, and I myself thought of going to Times Square Ball, but given that one has to come several hours in advance to get a spot, other options seem attractive as well. Now, if you want to ring in New Year in New York in the buff, there’s a party for you!

It is organized by Young Nudists&Naturists America and you can check the details on their website.
Now guess who’s gonna be the DJ? Yours truly! And my new nudie friend Jerry, from whom I’ve learned about the party, should help me too. The organizers promise some fun activities photobooth with backdrop and body painting, and I will try my best with bringing in big room party mood with some juicy House tunes. I hope the crowd goes wild! I had three gigs in Berlin back in 2007 under nameKrazy Tok, and they went really well, but I didn’t have time to practice DJing after that. Well, now it’s time for DJ Krazy Tok to come back and get even crazier (and naked!)
It will be cool if I see any of my readers at the party. If not, I wish you a Happy New Year! But where else will you get a Nude New Year’s Eve?

Na floresta amazônica, próxima a Manaus

Provavelmente não há muitas regiões do mundo que podem competir com a Amazônia por ser a região mais atraente para eco-turistas e… naturistas! Um clima perfeito e uma natureza linda todo o tempo, em todo lugar…

Presidente Figueiredo é um ponto de partida popular para o eco-turismo na área de Manaus. Você deveria ir a uma agência local de turismo e escolher o que você quer ver e tomar um táxi com um guia. Há vários rios com água limpa,

cachoeiras, cavernas e como tudo isto está na selva amazônica, claro, é fácil encontrar um lugar onde você pode deixar as suas roupas de lado e se aliviar do suor. Do contrário, você estará fadado à sensação desagradável de roupas molhadas em você, como com os turistas têxteis, porque é tão úmido que sem acesso livre ao ar todo o suor fica em você. E este é o lugar certo para sentir o poder e a diversidade da natureza selvagem. Aqui, nesta floresta gigante, você pode ver a si mesmo, um humano, como apenas uma das muitas partes da natureza.

Realmente é relaxante aqui!

Apenas não vá muito longe sem seu guia.Se você for de barco de Manaus até qualquer outra direção, você verá que o rio Amazonas fornece várias praias, muitas das quais podem ser a sua praia particular por um tempo. 

Claro que para qualquer habitante a ideia de nadar no Amazonas soa como loucura, mas demoraria muitas horas até que você visse um crocodilo ou outro animal selvagem. Então provavelmente é mais seguro do que atravessar a rua no Rio de Janeiro. Pelo menos os habitantes que nadam lá com regularidade não aparentam temer crocodilos. Mas você pode encontrar outra companhia muito mais agradável: os botos!
Em Novo Airão há um restaurante às margens do rio onde você pode comprar peixe cortado em pedaços e alimentar os botos enquanto nada com eles. Este é um dos contatos mais incríveis que você pode experimentar com os animais selvagens.
No geral, a região amazônica é com certeza o lugar certo onde um naturista pode se sentir ligado à natureza.
Mas por outro lado, alguns pontos distantes do rio (não nas proximidades de Manaus, se você for mais longe, você deveria perguntar a respeito) são provavelmente o único lugar na Terra que pode fazer sentido usar uma roupa de banho: um pequeno peixe parasita –candiru – pode nadar até sua uretra se você urinar na água. Mas parece que mais um mito do que uma ameaça real, já que houve apenas UM caso documentado e que pode ser facilmente evitado se não urinar enquanto estiver dentro da água na água.
E outra notícia desagradável é que a menos que você esteja num rio menor, a água daqueles rios é escura ou barrenta.
Mas de resto a região é, claro, um lugar fantástico para qualquer naturista.
Text in Portuguese by Gus and Carlos

Sightseeing in Cologne

This summer I discovered that Cologne has a clothing-optional area right in the centre of the city, just like two other major German cities, Berlin and Munich. I wonder if it is the same in Hamburg, but overall, Germany rocks!!!

So, on the East bank of the River Rhine in the centre of Cologne there is a picturesque meadow with few trees, an obvious place for some good relaxing time, whether you visit the city or live there. When I went to Cologne this summer for just one day (on the way to a seminar in its suburb) that day was one of the hottest this year, with more than +30ºC, so that place seemed certainly inviting. On top of that, it was conveniently located at the end of my route, so I headed there after wandering through the historic quarters (starting from Cologne Cathedral, of course) and visiting the chocolate museum, from which it’s just across the bridge (well, then some more walking).
This is the view from that bridge, Severinsbrücke.
And did I feel like I was missing sightseeing? Not at all, because the beach has a gorgeous view of the city’s landmarks including the famous Kölner Dom.
Doesn’t it look like a postcard view? Then how about doing a typical tourist thing, taking a photo in front of it!
Normally I don’t take this kind of pics, but couldn’t resist taking one being naked! That’s more like it 😉
But it’s not just a nice lawn with a good view, it’s a riverbank, so of course I went swimming. I was a little worried about the fast current of the Rhine River, but I saw other people swimming and I asked a couple of local guys to show me how they usually do it. So just go upstream and you can enter water from stairs; then just go with the flow, but not too far from the bank! It’s hardly possible to swim against the current, so don’t miss the tip of the peninsula. The water was quite cool, but on that very hot day it was just perfect!
Then I was happy to get some snack, that I grabbed from the leftovers from my previous trips:
a pack of dried turkey jerky that I bought in Oregon and a chocolate bar from Japan.
It was funny to imagine that these two have met somewhere in between lol. The world has become a small place.
On the way back I passed some blackberry bushes with the berries almost inviting to be picked up.
I can highly recommend the place, I will never forget that view!

Ilha Deserta in Portugal (Desert Island)

If you want empty beaches in Algarve, it is possible to find several spots.

Although only a couple of nude beaches are legal in Portugal (like Praia do Meco or Praia 19 close to Lisbon), some are so empty that you may be naked and nobody cares.

Oneof those beaches is in Ilha deserta. To reach this island from Faro just follow the link (http://www.ilha-deserta.com/?lang=uk). Each person will pay 10 euros for a return ticket and each journey will take around 30-40min, but the journey is totally worth it!


You can find only one ecology-restaurant and loads of wasps, however completely tolerable.
And the water is so warm and beautiful, you won’t want to get out of it!

Are you still wondering why I go there every summer?

Text and photos by Fabrício

Naturist resorts in Thailand

My wife and I have just returned from a month’s vacation in Thailand that included visits to the two clothing optional resorts, one lonely 1.5 kilometer beach, a deserted island with a 500 meter white sand beach and crystal clear water, and a nude cruise.

There are places to go nude and get an all over tan in Thailand you just have to have the right information. I get mine from www.Thailandnaturist.com.

We stayed at www.ChanResort.com (which has been sold and is in the process of building a new resort). The resort is now called www.ChanTwinResort.webs.com. Chan Twin is continuing the policies of clothing optional in Pattaya, which is only an hour and a half from Bangkok.

We made this our headquarters for the month. Chan Twin Resort is a small 9 petite villa resort between Pattaya and Jomtien. It is run by the Chan Twin and really cares for the temperament of naturists.

You can be nude at the pool around your villa and going to and from the pool. There will be some folks with clothes on so you have to be a strong naturist. You cannot be nude in the eating area or office. You will need your towel or a Pakama (a short Thai sarong) which are nice and cheap and should cost less than 4 dollars.

We made a nude cruise to a deserted island from Pattaya on the 23 meter boat Edina. Where the boat anchored it was 10 meters deep water and was as clear as looking in a glass of water. Of course as soon as we were out of the port off came the clothes, some folks hit the sun deck, others the lounge, and a couple just sat in the fighting chairs and soaked up the rays. We swam to the beach we had a nice barbeque, then snorkeled and enjoyed ourselves on the beach.

We also made a day trip to Koh Larn Island and visited the clothing optional beach that is developing there. You can take a slow boat or a fast boat to the island and then a Songkaw Taxi to Samae Beach. Once at Samae Beach go to the most southern part away from the resort areas. There are two trees that will give you some shade. You can rent lounge chairs from the resort; they will charge you about 300 baht (less than ten dollars). If you get hungry put on a wrap and go to the resort, place your order and they will bring it to you. There is now another beach which we starting to use with nice big trees for shade.

Later in the month we rented a car in Pattaya (brought my own GPS with Thai chip) and drove to http://www.thai-bamboo.com in Cha Am. It is about 1.5 to 2 hour drive from Bangkok and is an easy drive. We planned to stay at Thai-Bamboo for 4 days and also visit Hua Hin where there is a lonely beach that one can spend the day on.

Of course we visited the lonely 1.5 kilometer beach in Cha Am. The beach is beautiful and the only place we have found Sand Dollars in Thailand.

The water here is much better than the beaches in Pattaya. Thai-Bamboo is out of town so a car is needed or you can arrange with Rudy the owner to get you there and back.

Text and photos by Bruce

Enjoying Japanese hot springs in the rain

My first post on this blog was about hot springs in Izu peninsula not far from Tokyo, so much I was impressed by the experience and the setting! So of course when I went to Tokyo this summer I couldn’t contain myself and went to Izu again. It was very hot but raining most of the time. Nevertheless, it did not scare too many tourists, so I did not find the walk along the Kawazu river with seven waterfalls to be as great as the last time. On top of that my Japanese friend Tomo couldn’t join me…

Still, I enjoyed viewing the waterfalls and hiking through the hilly forest.

I wanted to make a photo of me in the bamboo forest but didn’t have much time to go away from the hiking trail.
It was quite astonishing to walk through such a dense subtropical forest that is just 2h away from bustling Tokyo agglomeration…
I didn’t see any deer like the last time, but there was another beautiful and much more frequent encounter: a huge black butterfly the size of a small bird.
In the end of the trail, more and more settlements became visible, and a sign of the local natural wonder appeared too:
This is a cloud of steam coming from the hot springs. It was quite hot, but I was looking forward to a warm bath after getting wet in the drizzle (though it wasn’t so bad thanks to an umbrella that the woman from the information desk at Kawazu train station gave me).
I couldn’t wait to go to the same onsen as the last time, called Amagiso, as it was right on the bank of the river next to the last of 7 waterfalls. But unfortunately it was closed, although it was just a quarter past 4! Unusually for Japan, the staff didn’t even bother to explain it to me in a polite form, so I just went to another onsen few meters away. I could still see some people in open-air hot springs of Amagiso, but to my disappointment they were all in swimsuits, which I didn’t take with me, so probably it was a good idea to go to another spot. So the neighboring onsen did not have such a nice view of the waterfalls (I could only hear them, but it had somewhat more traditionally decorated pool.
And I had it all for myself! It felt fantastic to soak in this hot bath during the rain.
For directions, check out my first post about this area.