How it used to be

This section is divided in two parts:

first, we discuss societies where nudity used to be or still is a commonplace throughout life;

second, we talk about many sport activities performed naked throughout history of mankind.

Although this section is called “how it used to be”, many tropical cultures are still majorly clothes-free; but unfortunately, judging by recent documentaries even such tribes as Nuba in Africa or people in remote Amazon areas are coming under Western influence. Of course, there may be some positive outcomes from interactions with Western culture, but I find it sad that almost always the first thing Westerners (or I believe Muslim invaders in Africa as well) try to do to ‘civilize’ people from other cultures is to dress them, something that is not necessary at all. More than that, I think Western and perhaps even more so Muslim societies could learn something from those tropical cultures about living in no shame of human body.

5 thoughts on “How it used to be

  1. Yoga is the perfect sport/training for body,mind and soul. My own guru (teacher) taught me that `clothes are a barrier between you and God` and should never be worn except where social convention (in public places and in the presence of women) and climate dictate it. Doing yoga naked frees the whole body and mind and allows the skin to breath and absorb life giving energy, and sunlight (even in cloudy weather) when practised outside. Clothes worn for fashion or shame indicate an ego that need to be checked.


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