Terrible News

Dear readers

With great sorrow I write to tell you that dear Kirill Tokarev passed away on March 15.


Manaus 2007 1.jpg

Kirill was vacationing in Miami and was struck by a car on February 23 while biking to a naked yoga class.

My name is Alex. Kirill lived for the last year with my family in Harlem, New York. Since his accident his friends and family have worked together to organize his affairs, including getting access to his blog, which we’ve finally accomplished this week.

Kirill was a beautiful man and he is sorely missed.

I know there are many readers and contributors to Active Naturists. Please send comments on how you would like this blog to continue to exist. Feel free also to leave remembrances.

I apologize in advance if the discussion does not go smoothly, as I am still learning how to use this platform.



36 thoughts on “Terrible News

  1. Kirill brought a beauty to being a naturist. His posts truly took us all on wonderful journeys of freedom and joy. I am saddened about his passing and celebrate his life with all of you.


  2. I am so sorry for everybody-who-met-him’s loss,
    and I am also sorry that I never managed to meet him in person while he was dwelling in Berlin.

    Farewell, Kirill, you great-spirited handsome man!


  3. This terrible news comes late to me and it makes me so very sad, and yet. It is because of Kirill that I finally got to Burning Man 2017 where I turned 60 on TutuTues and did B.M. as naked as I wanted. I first encountered him when he described his trip there in 2012. Without knowing or having met this man I immediately understood and felt his spirit reach my soul. Kirill’s ability, desire, and freedom to live as a naturist in every way he could set me free to do so also. Maybe I’m not yet as free as Kirill, but he is the light for my path. I am crying in sadness but also for the joy Kirill’s life has brought me. Thank you, Kirill, for your life and your light.


  4. Aqui, en Quito, Ecuador, los integrantes del grupo NUDE recibimos a Kyrill con entusiasmo y alegria, luego de meses de mensajes y de cambios de fecha. Pasamos momentos estupendos con el. Lo vamos a extrañar. Nuestros sentimientos de pesar a sus familiares y amigos. Un abrazo cariñoso desde Ecuador


  5. Cono a Kirill en su viaje a Ecuador siempre estuve agradecido con el y siempre lo estaré por llenarme de fuerzas y motivarme a realizar mi 1era experiencia nudista en Quito-Ecuador, fue un sueño hecho realidad, lo recordare y lo llevare en el corazón, gracias por todo amigo,


  6. OMG!!!! I cant believe this happened!!!
    I met Kirill while hiking in NY in June 2015.
    He showed me and encourage to be free and bring out the nudist inside me, if it wasn’t for him I would never be who I am right now, this man is my nudist mentor, im shaking and heartbroken overwhelm, we email in the regular hike a few times in the summer and kept in touch, and then he just went silence, I had no idea he was gone for ever.
    I share this Emails he never got.
    Jas Alvasanz
    Sun 4/15/2018, 9:22 AM
    Hi kyrill how you been?
    I hope everything is going well with you.

    I had a really nice dream, that you and I organized a nudist festival somewhere no sure I remember but it was like nice open area, everyone had their tents set up, lots of ground fires, lots of people having fun naked, we all gather for the sunset, after that I went like across the way to take pictures of the festival.

    Really nice dream lol I never dream about nudity before that I remember.

    Speaking of that warm weather is coming we should plan a naked hike/camp somewhere in the area.Jas Alvasanz
    Sat 6/2/2018, 7:32 AM
    Hey man.
    How you been?
    I haven’t heard from you in a while I hope everything it’s okay.
    Today I’m gonna be camping at lake skenonte. The first comping Of the summer.
    Hope you doing okay.



  7. He seguido este blog durante mucho tiempo, admirando la vida y las “aventuras” de Kirill Tokarev que nos mostraba a todos con entusiasmo. Siento mucho su fallecimiento, mis condolencias para sus familiares y amigos.


  8. Dear Alex, I am so sorry to learn about this terrible news indeed. I new Kirill only though his blog and it is a terrible loss. My sympathies to you and his family. May he Rest In Peace.

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  9. He seguido con admiración este blog y las historias y vivencias que Kirill Tokarev siempre llenas de vitalidad y entusiasmo por la vida. Siento mucho su pérdida… mis condolencias a su familia y amigos.


  10. He seguido con admiración este blog y las historias y vivencias que Kirill Tokarev siempre llenas de vitalidad y entusiasmo por la vida. Siento mucho su pérdida… mis condolencias a su familia y amigos.


  11. Kirill will be remembered by people around the world. He was one of the kindest and most positive people and I feel glad that our paths crossed and to have called him a friend. Rest in peace.

    Alex – could you please tell me where exactly Kirill is buried?

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  12. Alex, I’m shocked and saddened by this tragic news. He was such a smart guy and passionate about all aspects of nature. My sincere condolences to you and his friends and family.


  13. Very sorry to learn of this. He was a very nice young man and put up many nice photos and storys of his travels. He had the best years to look forward to.


  14. Alex, thank you for sharing this tragic news with the website members. I am very shocked and sad to hear of Kirill’s death. He was a man amazingly full of zest for living life!! It’s hard to believe he isn’t still in pursuit of his next venue. May Kirill’s family and closer friends find bits of comfort in knowing that he was loved, liked, and admired by many, many others.


  15. Deeply sad to get to know what happened to Kirill; I didn’t know him in person, but have followed his blog for few years now, always appreciating – almost participating, sometimes – his travels and freedom experiences. Next month I’ll be spending two weeks in Nyc and planned to finally contact him in order to meet up and maybe spend a couple of hours together at Sandy Hook, but this would unfortunately not happen anymore…
    Ciao Kirill
    Luca from Italy


  16. Dear Alex,
    I send my sincere sympathy to you and Kirill’s family in their sad loss.
    I felt as if I was his friend, joining in and being a part of Kirill’s life and adventures, going to places and having experiences which would be impossible without him..he had an exceptional knowledge and understanding of the natural world and just enjoyed it all without clothes…. showing by example the freedom that brings.
    I hope there will be a way of sharing adventures and a love of life ….. that would be a legacy for Kirill.
    I will miss your blogs.


  17. This blog was one of the best about nudist life and places. Always entertaining, full of advices and information, beautiful pictures, Kyril had built a real community and it is really a shame that this young man has been struck this way. Only the best go first and young and unfortunately, this applies once again to him. I am deeply sad and sorry and I bring all my comfort and love to those who were close to him. We will always support what you can do just in memory of Kyril. God bless him.

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  18. I regret the loss of our Companion.
    My condolences to your family and to the Active Naturists movement.
    RIP to your Soul


  19. This is such sad news. I will miss Kirill’s always entertaining blogs. I think he lived his life with a wonderful freedom, and he accomplished so much with his travels and events.


  20. If there were a way for other naturist bloggers to contribute their stories consistent with Kirill’s theme, “NATURISM THROUGH PERSONAL THOUGHTS AND EXPERIENCES,” that would be great. That way, we could continue Kirill’s legacy and mission.


  21. Rest In Peace, Kirill. You were a wonderful human being and will continue live among us with your unmatched energy, smile and free spirit!


  22. Dear Alex: Kirill was all he was advocating in his blog, a Naturist rather than a Nudist, he shared his knowledge of the natural environment with us all. He was a person of vigour, a role model in living a natural life with values that we should all adopt. I admired his knowledge, his courage, and his vitality. I will miss him.

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  23. Dear Alex I am Michael Gray and live in Exeter, England. I cannot express how devastated I am that we have lost Kirill. I forget how I came to join the Active Naturist blog but it was wonderful to find that someone enjoying the freedom of being without clothes that I have done since I was at school. I am now 85 and stay naked at home when it is warm enough and sun myself in the garden or by the river Exe when possible. I have never contributed to Kirill’s entertaining emails and revelations of wild life: should I do so? He was clearly a marvellous guy and I longed to know him. With best wishes



  24. Many many condolences to you and all of Kirill’s family and friends. None of us knows what is coming – things can change in the blink of an eye. I will leave it up to you to decide on how to continue the good work that Kirill put in to this blog, a legacy and a tribute to an upstanding man.


  25. So sad… may he RIP… I always loved the energy and freedom he generated from his posts and his life…


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