connect with your body and your buddy

On this webpage, we’ve selected some of the best examples available online to inspire you to love your body and keep it active as much as possible. Inactivity has been identified as one of the main reasons that decrease life quality and health in the modern urbanized world. Naturist movement is doing a lot for body acceptance, but naturism should be also embraced as an active lifestyle. While we hope that spending more time with your body unclad, especially in social settings, will make you less self-confscious, it will also make you more aware of your body needs. Perhaps if we set our bodies free, we’ll also be more inclined to do (or at least try to) all those amazing things that human body is capable of and thus stay healthier! Many sport and outdoor activities are more comfortable without clothes. Also, sports and music bring people together, and when such events are held without clothes, they seem to break even more barriers.

Actually, the  original Olympic Games and other sport activities in Ancient Greece were held in the nude (look what Wikipedia says about nudity in sports and check out Richard Ackermann’s photos of various nude sportsmen with relevance to ancient and modern Olympics). There are attempts to organize naked Olympics at Samurai Beach in Australia and Baker Beach in San Francisco.

Gym is where most adults seem to obtain their exercise these days. Even thought the term ‘gymnasium’ comes from a Greek word meaning ‘to exercise nude’, there are very few gyms in the world that allow nudity outside steam-rooms (if that!) and showers, besides naturist resorts, of course.

naked gym

Surely, one should keep an eye on all the muscles muscles, and what’t the point of wearing sweat soaked clothes in the gym anyways? If you are concerned about hygiene, just use a towel to sit or lie on. If you don’t have a fully equipped gym, there are plenty of body-weight exercises. Calisthenics is getting very popular, but I wish there were park where you could exercise nude in the open air.

The word ‘gymnastics’ has the same etymology, but again I wish there were more gymnasts in its original meaning. These are professional gymnasts, showing their best for the video ‘Gymnastikos‘.

Why should gymnasts cover their perfect bodies in their perfect motions?

Danell Leyva naked gymnast

Perhaps nude gymnasts would feel even freer in their moves. Aerial acrobatics may sound less appealing due to potential friction with the fabric, there are a few photos online that make it seem as a non-issue either.

naked aerial acrobat

For something like the flag pose on the photo below, it’s also nice to get rid a few extra grams, probably the main point is that the guy must have felt like the kind of the world! That’s easily the best photo with a flag pose available online.

naked flag gymnast Empire State Building

As you can can see, doing gymnastic exercises naked is liberating…

naked gymnast

and levitating!

naked jump

However, yoga is probably a lot more likely to get laypeople inclined to explore their body movement and control. Nude yoga is getting more and more popular, and many cities from Tokyo to New York have more than one group.

Yoga practice puts a lot of emphasis on feeling your own body, so it would work only better if the body is unclad and unrestrained by clothes. It is also pretty obvious that all those stretching exercises are more convenient without clothes, so search online for the nearest naked yoga class 😉 And if there isn’t try it at home or at a beach?

naked yoga beach

or pretty much anywhere –

somewhere outdoors is particularly inspiring!

Naked yoga for two sounds (and looks) good too.

But why limit with two?

naked yoga

Yoga is also fun as a group activity, and there are plenty of partner poses. Doing those in the buff, will only make the group more united.

naked acro-yoga

Acro-yoga combines acrobatics and yoga in quite intimate partner exercises, and again there’s hardly any function for clothes there, while its absence would probably make the partners more connected, as it will make it easier to read the body language, which crucial for such exercises.

naked acro-yoga on beach

We’ve already covered why running has to a large extent shaped humans body – including the absence of fur – throughout evolution (in the previous section and a separate blogpost), so let’s just reiterate that running in clothes appears simply counterproductive.

I’d suggest those serious runners among us to take this into account, whether you run somethere in the field or on the track.

naked runnernaked runner

Famous long distance runner Ryan Hall seems to agree on that!

naked long distance runner Ryan Hall

While running is totally fine as a solitary activity, it can be fun to participate in a running race. Just choose from multiple local and international nude running races (this list may be incomplete.

Carrera Sopelana in Spain is one of the most well-known,

and it attracts a good crowd of various ages.

naked running race

It offers some of the best conditions for running that nature can provide – vast flat beach with wet sand, but if you are more adventurous, there are naked trail races too!

naked running race Sopelana

Jumping is another good candidate for sports in the buff, especially when we talk about pole vaulting competitions where every gram counts 😉

naked jump pole vault

so as balancing on a slackline too!

naked slacklinenaked slacklinenaked slackline

And how about bare and bareback horse jumping? Can we assume that this way the rider and the horse actually feel each other better and could reach better synchrony?

BMX is prone to injuries, but if you worry about those, you should probably start with a helmet and knee pads rather than shorts.

naked BMX

These guys don’t seem to bother though, but then they also seem to know what they are doing.

Nigel Sylvester naked BMX

Biking does not have to be an extreme sport. Rather, cycling should probably be the main source of daily activity for urban dwellers, as it provides an excellent mode of transportation too. Thus, you can exercise while commuting in the most environment-friendly all the way! This certainly fits to naturist philosophy, and naturists should be at the forefront of pushing for more bike routes (and rights!) – or are they already?

The  World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) takes place in many major cities around the world; here is an example from London.

If you want to combine cycling with sightseeing, and in your favorite outfit,

there is no better possibility than WNBR. All non-motirized modes of transportation are welcome.

naked uni-cyclist

The only reason why we don’t commonly swim nude is because our society is prude, and hardly anyone needs to be convinced that swimsuit is a pretty useless albeit expensive piece of fabric. And if swimming competitions were done naked, it would be less about hi-tech fabrics decreasing drag and 100% about swimmers’ body performance. (Can sponsors be satisfied with their logos on the goggles?)

naked swimming competition

The largest nude swimming competitions is probably  Swimming Gala organized by International Naturist Federation (ironically they seem to require swim caps still – but that to prevent clogging of the pool, I suppose).

Surfing is another water sport that seem to go well with nudity.

There used to be a naked contest in Sydney with some of the biggest names in wave-surfing.

Why don’t they do it this way more often?

But you have a chance to see (or participate in) another naked surfing contest which still runs every year at Tambaba beach, Brazil:

naked surfer

Black’s Beach in San Diego, California, also has its group of naked surfers. South Africa had its inaugural  Surf Naked competition too.

Although there is no naked competition in kayaking or rowing, to our knowledge,

abundant photos and videos from the Warwick Rowers club make it seem like it should be a commonplace (as much as rowing itself is common, that is).

Water ski in the buff sounds like fun too,

but even in snow, naked skiing is apparently a very joyful activity too.

So as snowboarding!


So, enjoy, but be careful…

Naked sky-diving is a pretty common thing due to tradition of doing 100th jump in the nude.

naked sky-diving

As long as the air is warm (as warm as it gets up there…), it must be one of the most liberating experiences!

Cliff- or springboard-diving is another way to test control of your body in the air, and doing it naked brings it to another level.

naked divers

But if you just want to test you nerves, naked bungee jump is the way to go!

naked bungee jump

Perhaps it’s less scary if you jump together with your partner! And it surely must be an even stronger boding experience, if you do it naked 🙂

naked bungee jump

Speaking of bonding, that is certainly one of the main features of sport activities; while rivalry is the main focus of martial art competitions, there is certainly an element of bonding, which would work only better when done nude.

naked martial art

Ancient Olympics included wrestling and boxing, totally naked, and contemporary box is done with less clothes than in most of other sports, while wrestlers have very light and revealing outfit, so why bother at all? These guys got it right!

Capoeira is fun at the beach, and if the beach is clothing-optional, there’s no reason to wear the uniform – it doesn’t really have any protection anyways, so why constrain your moves?

Bonding in team sports would also benefit from nudity, and perhaps there is a reason why there are so many nude calendars and similar projects from various ball sports teams 😉

Volleyball seems to be particularly popular among naturists, to the extent that volleyball at a nudist beach has become a cliché. There are numerous naked volleyball tournaments (the list seems to be mainly focused on North America), some of them attract over a thousand participants!

There are also volleyball courts at many naturist campgrounds and beaches.

Water volleyball is also a commonplace at naturist resorts.

Other games commonly enjoyed by naturists include badminton,

naked badminton

ping-pong, squash,

naked beach bats

beach bats, petanque, basketball

naked basketball

and frisbee, even its ultimate variety!

Rugby seems to be a ver naked-friendly team sport even at pretty high level. First, there is a whole culture of streaking, even represented when MTV Europe awards took place in Belfast, with a stark naked guy coming on stage for a couple of minutes. Then, the French rugby team releases a calendar (and making-of DVDs) “Dieux du Stade” (Gods of the Stadium) with their players naked. Members of English and Welsh teams posed nude too.

But most importantly, there are actually regular rugby matches that are played in the buff! Italian team Grifoni Rugby Oderzo played naked at a local stadium.

The town Dunedin in New Zealand has a permanent team of rugby players that often play naked and even organize international competitions. They are called Nude Blacks (watch a brief report about them here), mocking nation’s favorites All Blacks.

It all started with a naked rugby game at a local beach in 2002.

Since then, they have played with numerous international teams,

some of which didn’t dare to get naked, e.g. the all-female team of ‘Spanish Conquistadors’, but others played the game fair = naked, such as English invitational team (see full match here)

and  ‘Vampirii Romani’.

Football (soccer) might be not as open towards nudity as rugby, but there are some encouraging videos.

Advantages of nudity in football are clearly seen from this video where one nude lady scores a goal against an entire team of tough but clothed men 😉

One legend (or ancient urban myth) says that nudity in Olympics became a tradition after one of the runners lost his clothes (‘wardrobe malfunction’ has a long history, apparently) but continued running and won the race. Well, football players shall be encouraged by this example (you have to click the link to see the video).

These guys are already preparing for the nude World Cup at a naturist beach.

And this is what can happen when the World Cup will finally be done in the nude.

After all these sport activities, it is so nice to get a full=naturist massage, so that the muscles relax and recover.

Another good way of relaxation and bringing friends and team-mates together is of course sauna, which is traditionally clothes-free in countries where this culture originated (e.g., Russia, Finland, Japan and Korea).

Don’t forget to alternate heat with cold to train your cardiovascular system!

naked ice-hole skinny-dipping

Music and dance are also great at bringing people together, and naturist gatherings usually attract some bands and DJs. But even some events that are not organized by naturists seem to be OK with nudity (very few though, so far). A very good example of that is of course Burning Man, that combines all kinds of arts and everything in between.

Although ballet and opera are not the first things that come to your mind when you think of naturist activities, nudity certainly may enhance the visual effect from the dancers, and modern dance performances are often enough at the edge of being clothes-free. But this show, for example, made the move all the way!

(isn’t dance a celebration of the beauty human body in movement?)

Performing music in wild (natural) conditions may give it a new twist: whether just for fun

or annual contest for the best water fay in Sweden. (see the video here)

It would be nice to have dance parties au naturel outdoors like on this video!

There are also naturist night clubs in Berlin and London, for example, although not such famous ones as London’s ‘Ministry of Sound’, despite their advertisement. But Berlin’s Berghain allows nudity, keeping true to their ‘anything goes’ style.

And check out this video from a naturist dance party, oh those Russians! 8) Despite not having a proper sound system, obviously there was so much innocent fun going on.

There are other media of entertainment that use nudity and can gain more appeal with it, such as acrobatics

and fire-spinning. (And apparently, some fire-spinners may gain an additional way for spinning their fire poi 😀 )

naked fire-spinnernaked fire spinner

So, hopefully, now you’re assured that  naturism is a healthy and fun lifestyle! Explore some nice places around, keep it social and active, you will certainly have a lot of FUN!


4 thoughts on “connect with your body and your buddy

  1. I have gone to Naked bike ride twice in 2014 and 2015 at Philadelphia. I’ll love to go again. 🙂
    Also I went for camping at Hillside campground at PA too in 2015. Whata beautiful and an amazing experience to walk naked with people and nature.
    Nude Yoga classes, I miss it so much.😊 I want to go back to the class.


  2. Hello, please, could you tell me more about the video “old school wrestling” about ancient totally naked wrestling?? In which country is that? They consider it “nudism” (in the usual meaning of the word) or it is a traditional practice in their country? Are they young soldiers? How they decided to make the video? It is not an easy decision to make it known in the web!.


  3. Wow! This is an absolutely brilliant piece! So Nicely composed and very thorough! It has certainly resparked my immense interest in nude events and undertakings. Wow, well done.


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