Ga’ash beach in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is often dubbed as one of the hippest and most exciting cities of the Mediterranean and the whole world; and as a proper mediterranean city, it offers a few sandy beaches. However, the centrally located beaches are crowded, so if you want to take a breath off the bustling city AND take off your clothes, you should head to the north of Tel Aviv to Ga’ash beach. It is also the most famous gay-friendly beach in Israel. I don’t know how to get there by public transport there, but I was lucky to be brought there by local nudie fellow, who was recommended by a friend in Berlin.

Seemingly endless, Ga’ash beach has enough space for all. In July, when many find the heat in Tel Aviv almost unbearable, it also gets very hot at this beach in the afternoons, as it faces the West, but it’s hard to find anything more relaxing than soaking in the warm waters on the edge of the sea. (if you’re afraid of jellyfish, that’s also probably the deepest you can get into the sea, because jellyfish are abundant in Tel Aviv during mid summer; very bad timing they have!)

But if you are a true active naturist, you shouldn’t lie too much, move your ass and go for a run!😉

The soft sand is perfect for running barefoot.

The beach lies along sand cliffs,

which provide scenic views,

so of course we couldn’t resist from going for walk by one of the hiking trails.

There are indicators of hiking trails, but it would be difficult to get lost given proximity of the sea.

In some places the sand was very hard but smooth from wind, and the combination creates some cozy corners.

Too bad we couldn’t stay there till sunset. It was time to go back to the beach, and then to the city…

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13 Responses to Ga’ash beach in Tel Aviv

  1. Naked Runner says:

    Was just in Israel and I would have tried to visit this, had I known earlier. Looks perfect for a naked run!

  2. Like I’ve said before Kyrill, you guys have some of the coolest adventures!

  3. Amiran says:

    Hello to everone from Israel.
    i was been there Ga`ash at the yam. it is wonderful. i love FKK.
    maybe next year i will be again to this FKK to visit. Let me to know more another area FKK from Israel.

  4. JenJen says:

    Fantastic! Are there snakes??

  5. driuorno says:

    Reblogged this on BABAJI.

  6. Ryan says:

    I loved Ga’ash! This isn’t from 2011, is it? Sadly I didn’t get any pictures when I was there this year

  7. Jonsy says:

    Nice beach and photos. Thanks.

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