Ilha Deserta in Portugal (Desert Island)

If you want empty beaches in Algarve, it is possible to find several spots.

Although only a couple of nude beaches are legal in Portugal (like Praia do Meco or Praia 19 close to Lisbon), some are so empty that you may be naked and nobody cares.

Oneof those beaches is in Ilha deserta. To reach this island from Faro just follow the link ( Each person will pay 10 euros for a return ticket and each journey will take around 30-40min, but the journey is totally worth it!


You can find only one ecology-restaurant and loads of wasps, however completely tolerable.
And the water is so warm and beautiful, you won’t want to get out of it!

Are you still wondering why I go there every summer?

Text and photos by Fabrício

2 thoughts on “Ilha Deserta in Portugal (Desert Island)

  1. One of the nicest places to spend the day naked. We visit regularly with a group of mixed nudes and textiles and we all have a great time. Just beware of the local cub scouts who might wander into you.


  2. Boats depart everyday from Faro, all year round. You can stay all day long and return in last boat to Faro.


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