Naturist resorts in Thailand

My wife and I have just returned from a month’s vacation in Thailand that included visits to the two clothing optional resorts, one lonely 1.5 kilometer beach, a deserted island with a 500 meter white sand beach and crystal clear water, and a nude cruise.

There are places to go nude and get an all over tan in Thailand you just have to have the right information. I get mine from

We stayed at (which has been sold and is in the process of building a new resort). The resort is now called Chan Twin is continuing the policies of clothing optional in Pattaya, which is only an hour and a half from Bangkok.

We made this our headquarters for the month. Chan Twin Resort is a small 9 petite villa resort between Pattaya and Jomtien. It is run by the Chan Twin and really cares for the temperament of naturists.

You can be nude at the pool around your villa and going to and from the pool. There will be some folks with clothes on so you have to be a strong naturist. You cannot be nude in the eating area or office. You will need your towel or a Pakama (a short Thai sarong) which are nice and cheap and should cost less than 4 dollars.

We made a nude cruise to a deserted island from Pattaya on the 23 meter boat Edina. Where the boat anchored it was 10 meters deep water and was as clear as looking in a glass of water. Of course as soon as we were out of the port off came the clothes, some folks hit the sun deck, others the lounge, and a couple just sat in the fighting chairs and soaked up the rays. We swam to the beach we had a nice barbeque, then snorkeled and enjoyed ourselves on the beach.

We also made a day trip to Koh Larn Island and visited the clothing optional beach that is developing there. You can take a slow boat or a fast boat to the island and then a Songkaw Taxi to Samae Beach. Once at Samae Beach go to the most southern part away from the resort areas. There are two trees that will give you some shade. You can rent lounge chairs from the resort; they will charge you about 300 baht (less than ten dollars). If you get hungry put on a wrap and go to the resort, place your order and they will bring it to you. There is now another beach which we starting to use with nice big trees for shade.

Later in the month we rented a car in Pattaya (brought my own GPS with Thai chip) and drove to in Cha Am. It is about 1.5 to 2 hour drive from Bangkok and is an easy drive. We planned to stay at Thai-Bamboo for 4 days and also visit Hua Hin where there is a lonely beach that one can spend the day on.

Of course we visited the lonely 1.5 kilometer beach in Cha Am. The beach is beautiful and the only place we have found Sand Dollars in Thailand.

The water here is much better than the beaches in Pattaya. Thai-Bamboo is out of town so a car is needed or you can arrange with Rudy the owner to get you there and back.

Text and photos by Bruce

28 thoughts on “Naturist resorts in Thailand

      1. Yes..We been Phuan Naturist Villege many time.
        Very relax there .have many activity i like, Suntan,Swimming,Badminton,Good massage and so happy when follow 5 lovely rabbits .
        Also Phuan all kind , All staff make me feel same in family .
        Thank you very much , We will back to Phuan again for sure.


  1. A lot can happen in 12 months since this article was published.

    In November 2017 the Naturist Association Thailand welcomed
    Phuan Naturist Village to its association membership of naturist businesses.
    Phuan Naturist Village is not just another place; it is totally unique
    in the world of naturism and certainly in Thailand.

    It is the only naturist venue in the world that is owned,
    managed and staffed by women, yes that’s correct!

    They are Thai and very proud of being naturists.

    They opened on 2 November 1917 and their business has been growing
    with leaps and bounds since. It is a comforting fact that both
    Thai women and men enjoy it equally as well as tourists from Asia and the world.
    They have had guests from all over the World, from Europe, Australia,
    Viet Nam, China, America and Africa just to name a few.

    When I visited it was like being with family, cousins, aunts, uncles and a
    few grandparents thrown in to complete the village. It was so refreshing and relaxing. follows the doctrine of Naturist Association Thailand.


  2. It is a great story about naturist activities and places to travel in Thailand. By the way, I would like to recommend Lemon Tree Resort Naiharn Beach Phuket which is the first naturist resort in Phuket where all naturists at waiting for. The resort located just a few minutes’ drive from Rawai Beach, Naiharn Beach, an hour away from Phuket International Airport, yet in close proximity to shops, convenient store and shopping places and famous restaurant. The 7-11 convenient store and Family Mart is only 500 meter away from the resort. The pubs, bars and restaurants is walking distance less than 1 km. from the resort. Moreover, there are many attractions and beaches around the area. The most interesting is island and beach nearby the resort that you can naked and nude. For more information, please visit website Now is open for booking!


      1. Hi Bruce,
        Yes, we will have our open house warming party on 16th July 2016. May I invite you and your wife to join the party? We will go to nude beach also on 17th July 2016.

        We would like you to come if you have time.
        Thanks with regards,


    1. Hi Patty,
      I just checked their website, seems to be a nice place to go. I have a question: I am a true naturist means when on holidays I want to be naked 24/7. In many naturist resorts there are some limitations to nudity. What are the rules at Lemon Tree resort ?


  3. My conception of naturism is being naked 24/7. It’s pretty difficult to find naturist resorts that allow full nudity everywhere anytime, I don’t mean a place where it is an absolute rule but a place where it is authorized. Do you know if any exist in Thailand or elsewhere in South East Asia ?


  4. Hi Everyone, I am travelling to thailand in August and will be intending to check out all the naturist spots , I will be staying in phuket but would like some avice on what beaches or naturist spots other than the obvious are with in easy reach of phuket


    1. Hi Kevin, next time when you come to Phuket. Welcome to Lemon Tree Resort Naiharn Beach Phuket, the first naturist resort on the island.


  5. Hi! Come to Oriental Village in Chang Mai! It is a great place for naturism and the area is also wonderful! Visit the site and write an email to us!


  6. UPDATE:
    Chan Twin has been sold and is being remade into an upscale naturist facility. It is called Sala Villas we expect it to open in Dec 2013 ( We are working with a camping facility in the western mountains that wants to be a naturist camp, we hope to have them on board by Feb 2014


    1. oh, wow a lot of things are happening there, and I guess it is good! Good to hear there are both upscale and camping amenities for naturists in Thailand! maybe by the time I come, there will be even more 😉
      You are welcome to write up another entry once those changes take place and you check out those places.


  7. Well times have changed Thai-Bamboo resort is not naturist any more, but there is now a resort on the beach, but only for Thailand Naturist members and another in Chiang Mai. The new Chan Resort is still the best choice. It is free to join this growing naturist community of over 1200 members and there is lots of information about naturism in Thailand.


    1. I stayed at the Thai-Bamboo just a few months ago and it was still naturist. A very quiet pleasant place with a nice owner.


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