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Don’t you think being naked socially and in nature can bring you a feeling of freedom and positive energy? This website includes a blog with personal stories and experiences from people who enjoy many aspects of life without wearing clothes… just because often enough it doesn’t make any sense to wear clothes. Maybe you have enjoyed it at home sometimes but still have a fear to let yourself free outdoors or with others? Get some inspiration and leave your comments here! Or better, leave your doubts behind, and clothes in the wardrobe!

Actually, nudity was and is accepted in many societies, what’s the problem with the modern globalized world?

Check out our article about how many naturist activities you can do, ranging from lazy sunbathing to hiking in mountain forests, and many sports, following traditions of ancient olympic athletes!

naturist 0000 Anidri beach, Crete, Greece

If you don’t know, where you could practice naturism, check our interactive map and descriptions of the most interesting naturist locations around the world that we have visited in last years. Maybe you’ll be surprised, but there is a number of cities where nudism can be practiced in the very centre, like in Berlin, or at least within the reach by public transport.

Got some ideas? a story to tell? So why don’t you join us, naturally naked?

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