Free at last!-)

Don’t you think being naked socially and in nature can bring you a feeling of freedom and positive energy? This website includes a blog with personal stories and experiences from people who enjoy many aspects of life without wearing clothes… just because often enough it doesn’t make any sense. Maybe you have enjoyed it at home sometimes but still have a fear to let yourself free outdoors or with others? Get some inspiration and leave your comments here! Or better, leave your doubts behind, and clothes in the wardrobe!

Actually, nudity was and is accepted in many societies, what’s the problem with the modern globalized world?

Check out our article about how many naturist activities you can do, ranging from lazy sunbathing to hiking in mountain forests, and many sports, following traditions of ancient olympic athletes!

naturist 0000 Anidri beach, Crete, Greece

If you don’t know, where you could practice naturism, check our interactive map and descriptions of the most interesting naturist locations around the world that we have visited in last years. Maybe you’ll be surprised, but there is a number of cities where nudism can be practiced in the very centre, like in Berlin, or at least within the reach by public transport.

Got some ideas? a story to tell? So why don’t you join us, naturally naked?

You can contact us by e-mail or leave a comment.

148 Responses to Free at last!-)

  1. Gabriel says:

    Hi there. I just read your blog about Sian Ka’an nudist beach and decided I MUST go. However, I need some help in getting clear directions to get there. I’m looking for a totally empty beach, that’s how I like it. I’ll have a car and staying in cancun but don’t mind the drive down. Let me know if you can provide more clear directions from Tulum. Thanks!

    • αNaturist says:

      you can see all locations mentioned in this blog on our map! the link is here on the home page, but also in the blogpost as well

      • Gabriel says:

        Thanks a lot! I figured it out. I tried many times to look at Google Maps and figure out the location, but could not find the marker 3 that is mentioned in the blog. However, my main concern would be if there is somewhere to park my car in this area as it seems to be a very narrow road with not much space on the side to park. More info about this would be of great help.

        BTW why isn’t Croatia marked on the map? They have many naturist and beautiful beaches. I’ve been many times.

        • αNaturist says:

          Marker 3 is just something you’ll see on the road itself. I went there by bike, so I don’t remember any specifics about car parking, but I think you can find some spots. Well, it’d be better to comment all this directly to the post.
          Croatia is not marked because none of our authors has been there. You’re welcome to submit an entry🙂

  2. Yury says:

    Hello, Amigo!
    I want to go with your camp on Burning Man 2016. Is that possible? How to organize?

  3. David Naked says:

    Relocated in London from France a few months ago. Anybody aware of nudist spots in the London area ?

  4. French nudist in Tokyo says:

    I’m discovering this blog. I like the title as most naturist places are beaches where the word “active” doesn’t really apply. Nudity has to tend to be a permanent state so we can enjoy all activities without clothes. I live in Japan (Tokyo) and would be happy to meet other naturist for naked activities.

    • Clarence says:

      I have just returned from a 21-day visit to Japan – two weeks in Tokyo and two days each in Hiroshima, Osaka, and Kyoto.

  5. Chris Hoogstad says:

    Awesome site bro! I moved to NYC from Arizona where outdoor nudist activities were easy to find. Since moving to NYC it’s really been a challenge. Appreciate all you work putting this together. Trying to expand my nudist circle here and hopefully this will help. Cheers!

  6. Vuokko says:

    I found a video of traditional naked run in Finland from last year, i guess I can share this?
    The run is called nakukymppi and it’s arranged in southern Finland in a tiny place called Padasjoki every year.—katso-video

  7. Danill says:

    Queria saber das praias de nudismo do Brasil e as praias de nudismo GLS pelo mundo. TEM como ENVIAR PARA MIM? Grato!

  8. Yair says:

    Great blog! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Randy says:

    Going to check out Ga’ash Beach north of Tel Aviv on Tuesday!

  10. Randy says:

    Hi again!

    Am here in the Dead Sea but can no longer find your post about the beach by Metsoke Dragot. Any changes that you know of? Drove by this afternoon and think I found the spots. LOTS of people visible on the shoreline but none naked. I think we go along to the right at the bottom?

    • αNaturist says:

      hey! you know there’s a search option on the website here? just search “Metsoke Dragot”. Also, it’s indicated exactly on our map (the link is in the post, but also the general map is linked here on the front page)

      • Randy says:

        Tried the map link but just opens my own maps. I’m sure I’ll find it!

        • αNaturist says:

          not sure why… It works both on my computer and smartphone!
          our interactive map

          • Randy says:

            We found it but it’s actually about 0.5 km south of the check point station. I finally got the map to work (swimmer symbol) and we went to that location first. Looked down the beach and saw more ‘life’. Great access to the sea and a large freshwater pool for rinsing I can send pics if you want! I only saw 2 others naked. Totally comfortable even with a few textiles around. Going back for sure!

  11. Nils says:

    Hi, ich liebe euren Blog. Wieso aber sieht man nie errigierte Penisse?

  12. Paul says:

    Hi there! Dude, I always wanted to a nudist beach or to festivals like the ‘burning man’, but I always felt weird about my body and… ahem… my dick. Is it too bad to get naked someone who has a normal sized penis? Do other nudists point out that fact?

    • αNaturist says:

      I cannot really figure out what your question is about

    • αNaturist says:

      It’s weird to feel weird about your own body! Stop it right now and enjoy yourself, the you’re welcome at any beach or a festival =)

      • Paul says:

        My apologies…😦 My english are not that good, that’s why I didn’t make you understand. My question is, if someone has an average everyday body, is it weird to be naked at a nudist beach for example? Will other nudists find his body weird if he’s not muscular or thin? Will they laugh at it?

        • Clarence says:

          You should not care what anyone thinks, says, or does. You are there for yourself! Accept yourself. Be yourself. Besides, for the most part, nudists carry very little baggage (all puns and meanings intended).

          • dino2004 says:

            Each person has their own body. No two bodies are the same. Nudist do not care what you look like its more that you do not have any clothes on. Dean just like my emaiil name.

  13. Richard says:

    Hello – will you be at burning man this year?

  14. dino2004 says:

    Love to be nude ftl fl usa
    Dean to wrestle and swim nude Ask for pics.

  15. trunolan says:

    Morning.😊 I am always up for tips and suggestion on where to practice naturism. Love to stay connected with nature.

  16. Thanat says:

    I love this blogg so much wether I have no chance to be naked but if I have a chance I will be naked in Nature about 1 month. Please advise naked place. For me.

  17. DJ says:

    I wanted to see the cool video of you and Michael doing handstands in the tall grass at the potholers!

  18. Dean says:

    I really love this blog. Can’t wait to read more.

  19. alex brito says:

    I think the blog very interesting and amazing! I live in Brazil and people here do not speak about naturists. There is a prejudice and a cultural question.

    • αNaturist says:

      I’ve actually seen quite a few videos about naturist beaches from Brasilian TV, it’s probably more than you’d see in the US! But this website should feature more articles about your country😉

  20. elke19 says:

    I enjoy your site and feeling inpiration to spread nudity and native all over the world. Thank you very much. I love, practice and teach nude yoga in germany.

  21. natfree says:

    nice blog who gives idears for naturist events

  22. ozcloggie says:

    IS !!! this blog back? I’ve tried so hard to help promote naturism here in Australia, in New South Wales, in Sydney, together with BOB REED. We have such a good climate here in Sydney and to the north. Such a pity to waste it. Many people in Europe and elsewhere travel a long way, just to properly relax in the sun. We could do that right here in Sydney, if there were more than three legal nude beaches.

  23. Edwin says:

    I really enjoy this site. Some of the places in your videos and pics I’ve been to. I crave for nude friends but live in the nudist-phobic nation of Philippines. But as time goes by I’m slowly converting a few.
    I live on Palawan Island and there are countless beaches where one can go nude.

    • αNaturist says:

      it’s always sad to hear of places that are perfect for being naked climate-wise but locals don’t get it… I’m glad you’re getting a group of friends to join you though!

  24. Thomas says:

    I am a member of British naturism,and have been going to the local naturist club in blackpool
    For a number of years. I have never enjoyed anything so much.I love to be naked but now I keep getting cellulitis so have had to stop going.I miss it so much.

  25. I too would like to share some of my prior activities and and living for two years as a naturist at my apt. after work. How can I do so? Also , how often do you visit Florida? Would love to hook up and meet sometime.

  26. I agree with an earlier post. I am envious of your lifestyle. I would love to meet you and join you on some of your outings. Would that be possible? You seem to have visited some reaaly neat places.

  27. Svein Johannessen says:

    Just came upon this blog and enjoy reading your stories. Would appreciate to be updated on new articles.

  28. Jaybird says:

    Really nice blog, however the Country Club in New Orleans is no longer clothing optional. Sad times.

  29. finnwest2015 says:

    Great post bro!
    Really enjoying this blog!

  30. swoosh says:

    where exactly is dream canyon? is it up left hand canyon going towards ward?

  31. pedro says:

    Been naturist all my live but only started going to registered clubs from 1994. Absolutely fantastic. Biggest organ on body is skin, cant do its job dressed up, always stressed up, remove stress and feel fully relaxed. Try it and experience stress draining out of body in a few seconds. RSA-Pedro-73 years old

  32. a very interesting nudist blog .Greetings🙂

  33. jeff says:

    just checked your naturist map for the vancouver, B.C. area and we do have the largest nude beach in N.A. :0)
    …just wanted to add that we do have another smaller pebbly beach named brunswick beach just a few minutes past lions bay on the sea to sky highway hugging the howe sound as you head to squamish and whistler

  34. jeff says:

    love this web site…i’ve always been a naturist thanks to my parents bringing me up this way…always enjoying the outdoors naked whether i’m hiking by foot of exploring in my jeep

    hang loose!!!! \mn/

  35. Lance Evans says:

    I am nudist at heart. I want very badly to explore my naturalist side of life. I have told my friends and anyone else who would listen clothing should be banned or at least be given the option to wear them or not. I live in South Texas and would like to visit a naturalist community or nudest colony for a weekend or vacation in the near future. Can you recommend one that is clothing optional? My wife supports me but not as open as I am.

  36. Robert says:

    your blog is always great and informative / THANKYOU FOR ALL YOU DO/ HUGS

  37. Thank you for the info

  38. natureboyguy says:

    Not sure if my previous comment went through, in Asia the most active and prominent naturist groups is the Naturist Association of Thailand, which welcomes members from all over the world but is accessible only through www. as they are careful to filter genuine members from the fake. Also there is a gay males-only naturist resort in Bali, Indonesia – Laki Uma Resort.
    Thanks for creating this site and for all your interesting posts and information.

  39. Ken Adams says:

    Hike to Pine Meadow Lake. September 14. Meet at 11am at Lake Sebago Boat Launch Parking Lot off 7 lakes drive – about 3 miles from Sloatsburg, NY (there is a train station there). Pick up at train station by car can be arranged. Hike in takes less than an hour. Take a picnic lunch, sun screen and insect repellant. Leave inhibitions at home.

  40. Cody says:

    I know I enjoy being outside while being nude but I’m still afraid. I would like to overcome this personal fear. How can I begin?

  41. Richard Lapidus says:

    This Chock Full of Details..
    When will you be in South Florida Again.. You’ve got guts to weather the Everglades Mosquitos and Girl Scouts
    Have you ever been to Boca Chica Beach on Geiger Key by Key West?


  42. Tom Clark says:

    Your life, your pictures and your adventures are inspiring. Thanks for sharing them with us here.

  43. habitdesoleil says:

    All the way from France.
    I’m found of your introspectiv simple humamity , a true sense of GYMNOSOPHIA , of our 1900 forfathers .

  44. Nick says:

    Yeah it is fantastic.
    It is great to take the plunge and go naked on the internet or at least archive the pictures of yourself while you still have some youth – so you can do it later….
    Actually it is great when the people in front of the camera are really living in the moment, and the person behind the camera has an understanding of arciving. – And the subjects are happy with the photo and don’t mind it surviving forever. Many of mine have had to be selfies because people can be gymnophobic or not know how to pull focus these days etc.
    I am glad that I have 5 monochrome selfies that I took in the early ’90s… otherwise precious little – 100 exposures would have been better.
    So please do keep up the good work thanx!

    I think in Australia, Gymnophobia is on the march, and I learned this when I put just one link to one of my articles on on an obscure location of my facebook page, and 2 of my friends would, who are actually good friends would have observed this, and were commenting on me on my wall in a way that was critical of nudity. I decided to just let them do it and added another item to my timeline to obscure the comments a bit.
    At the time when I put the link in, I was talking to a friend from the forest blockades, and wanted to show him my work. I remember at the time that I put the link in – that facebook automaticly put my naked picture in the sub-page and then it mysteriously disappeared.
    I know that facebook is moderated by right wingers.

  45. Leeroi says:

    So glad I found this blog. I camped, hiked, biked, and kayaked all around the USA and parts of Canada last summer and found a lot of naked opportunities. This summer I’m exploring in more detail the New England states. Naked, peace, naked love, naked joy to all!

  46. Mario says:

    From México: El naturismo es bueno para la salud

  47. Small Change says:

    I just wanted to stop in to say “hi” and thank for linking to my post on tumblr. I have a blog by the same name there too.

  48. Tony says:

    Love the posts! Any nudist in Athens, get in touch🙂

  49. nutty says:

    me too always be naked at home

  50. Superb post however I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this
    subject? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Cheers!

  51. daniel@ohio says:

    i love this website for i love being nude and doing yoga .i have always been slighty scared to go out in public in the nude .but i have really been inspierd to “take new risks”after reading and following this blogg .i would like to say i really hope you resume adding new additions ;photos ,new poses ,reviews on places …videos? im by sexual,18 and full of life and energy .i have always thought of my self as a bit of a/an out cast for thinking and being diffrent than the other kids my age .i have never been aroused by being in the presents of females or males .sex was/is just another word like dog or fun.i have just always felt that comfortable in my natural state, that is to my self …you inspire me and make me look forword to someday ..hopefully be as open as you
    thank you

  52. sassycoupleok says:

    Great comments from all to a great blog.

  53. aguywithoutboxers says:

    A perfect sentiment and photograph! It shows exactly how I feel at the end of every workday! You hit the proverbial nail on the head!🙂

  54. Budd says: for… what else, nude runs all around the world!

  55. johnzeus says:

    Have you ever travelled to Skiathos? A Greek island in the Sporades, home of Paradise beach, beautiful place where time stands still …popular with British naturists.

  56. micky says:

    hi, can you tell me more about you…

  57. All Nudist says:

    Nope. You could set up another WP site with a re-direct to this one, just for use on FB. You could try to appeal to FB but they have a history of not caring. Good luck.

    • rel3ir7h says:

      Try posting

      I own domain. It stands for nudists and naturists groups. I subdomain certain sites so I don’t have to remember how to type them. This one is

  58. All Nudist says:

    We posted a link to this site on our FB page, broken into pieces to avoid being blocked by FB. If folks re-assemble the parts, you should get some visitors from there!

  59. Baky says:


  60. Baky says:

    what this is songs to video?

    • αNaturist says:

      Music in that video:
      T-Pain – Naked on the Dancefloor
      Craig David – Rendezvous (Sunship vs. Chunky remix)
      Chemical Brothers – Nude Night

  61. Stephen Vellecca says:

    hey there
    i just found this blog and i love it. living in manhattan, there are not too many ways to meet other nudists.. i go to sandy hook and grew up on long island so also drive to robert moses. although, i never know which nude section to go to. i usually go the closer one to the parking lot by the volleball nets.
    always open to making new nudist friends! and would love to try hiking.
    hope to hear back from ya!

  62. Cliff says:

    I’m sorry if I’m going about this in the wrong way, but I just found this site and wanted to participate if it’s possible.

    I have my own personal experiences with hiking and swimming naked, including my own personal photos and video that I am happy to share.

    I have subscribed via email already, but not sure how else to get involved here, in terms of posting to the site and sharing more.

    Thanks in advance for considering my inquiry.

    Cliff in Washington State, U.S.A.

  63. Alex says:

    Have you found this one yet…? Makes a great addition to your collection…

  64. David Burnette says:

    Glad to see this site back!

  65. Marseil says:

    Good to see you back !

  66. αNaturist says:

    thanks for saying that! but sorry that it is still kind of beta! after export/import process and moving the old blog to WordPress from blogger platform, some of the links become not functional and dailymotion videos do not work properly. We are working on that, but you can focus on the text meanwhile😉

    • idrathernotsay says:

      i watch your vimeo and most of the stuff is good but the wild dancing one is just pornography like it opens these good looking guys waving their dicks in circles? all i ask is that u dont cross the line between naturism and porn.

      • αNaturist says:

        hi there, thanks for your comment, but I strongly disagree with you. I don’t see anything wrong or pornographic in a video showing good looking guys, even if they wave their dicks in circles trying it out funny moves. In my opinion your thinking is against naturist philosophy: we treat penis as just another body part. Would you argue against someone waving their hand in circles? No? But what’s wrong with penis then? Or is the problem that the guys look athletic???

        • Cliff says:

          While I have not viewed the video in question, I’m basing my comments strictly on those above.

          The definition of “porn” has become somewhat diluted in this day and age, to the point where almost anything that caters to a specific interest or topic is sometimes called this. Having said this, I think that in the case of people playing in the nude, only if there are ostensibly sexual activities taking place would it be considered by most to be “porn”, including the powers that be.

          So If those waving their penises around had erections, then I would agree that this would be more sexual than simple nudism, but men just being silly and acting like kids, including waving their penis around, doesn’t at all imply anything of a prurient nature at all, and therefore I would see nothing pornographic about it.

          Ultimately, “porn” is in the eyes of the beholder. However, we as a society tend to draw lines where a majority of beholders deem it should be drawn. I have not personally yet seen anything on this site that crosses that line into blatant pornography, and frankly, based on what I have seen, I would not expect it.

          • idrathernotsay says:

            hmm do you deny that the main focus was the penis and was not being used as just another part of the body? oh yeah and isnt it off vimeo now? (like sue said) is infact a pornogrpahic cite so we can now conclude that the video was infact ment to arouse and not just “fun”.

            • αNaturist says:

              in the moment when they were rotating their penises like propellers, the focus was on that, yes. i think it looked funny, but I assume it might look also arousing, especially for people who are not used to seeing naked bodies.
              The video was taken off vimeo for copyright infringement (either from Fratpad or soundtrack owners)

        • sue says:

          hey anaturists why isnt the first pictue of u and why is the second picture u hiding ur penis, you should post a picture of you completly nude without a sign blocking any part of you
          ps is a porn cite

          • αNaturist says:

            Sue, the first picture isn’t of me (or my friends), because I don’t have a similar one and this is an awesome picture that reflects beautifully the title and first statement of the home page.
            There’s more than enough photos of me without anything blocking any parts of me on the blog. I like the second photo, and ‘hiding’ naked behind the nudism sign makes it funny.

        • Manuel Caycedo says:

          I agree with you. It doesnt matter what part of the body make circles… lol!

        • johnny says:

          im agree w you
          i dont see anything wrong

      • Veronika Machalova says:

        personaly, I think pornography is meant to arouse you, I am 21 years old girl full of hormones and I found said video funny, original and nice to look at (lets face it, those guys are gorgeous) and I have no problem with seeing “their dicks waving in circles” nor I find it arousing… I am not a nudist so maybe I´ve got the idea wrong, but aren´t you by their codex supposed to enjoy world freely, without the restriction of clothes and to be closer to nature as a nudist? and what is closer to those things than dancing?🙂 while writing this I keep thinking maybe I should be a nudist / naturist or however you call it too, so thanks!!!🙂 the last thing, you accept your body as something natural or not, you can not be hanging in between, there is no between and if they were dancing in their clothes, you would not even think of pornography, just of good looking guys acting silly and trying to atract ladies…😉 that´s all, greetings from Prague🙂

        • αNaturist says:

          Veronika, thanks a lot for your support, I couldn’t ask for a better reply!

          • Veronika Machalova says:

            You are very welcome!🙂 I just found that opinion so wrong! How can one find something insulting in a body? It is all you have, it carries you through so many difficult spots in life and they hide it. And for porn and sexuality, why should it be so wrong? They were concieved that way, does it make their existence insulting? I would hope not! Instead of explaining to kids this is who we are and it´s nothing vulgar, they act as nudity is indecent and they “protect” them from it… and then, they wonder why is it their kid who hates his/her body, is ashamed of it and is afraid to ask questions about sex… how does it end? not so well…:/ and I should know, I was not a long ago teenager who could not change clothes in front of other kids… it´s sad really…

        • Jason Lee says:

          Veronika what’s stopping you from experimenting with nudism ? why aren’t you a naturist ? (nudist)

        • jasonlee333 says:

          Veronika if you keep thinking you should be a naturist (nudist) why aren’t you one? do you share your residence with other people? if that’s the issue then visit a nudist camp

      • αNaturist says:

        now everybody can relax, the video has been removed by vimeo for copyright infringement

        • Kris says:

          Hello from San Diego, home of Black’s Beach!

          I thoroughly enjoyed the fratpad video. It was very zen and I couldn’t get it out of my head for days! Naked men dancing and having fun! I’m used to seeing men be insecure and hostile and clueless as to why. If everyone would be young at heart like the men in the video, the world would be a better place.

          It’s ideal to depict the human body’s full spectrum of qualities: beautiful, natural, energetic, sensual, innocent, and harmless, as we should all be shamefree and uninhibited and fearless and celebrate our bodies as a source of joy. Sexuality shouldn’t be put in a closet (google “serial killers” and you find sexual repression is a common denominator). Skin is good, male or female. Sex is good, normal and fun. Decriminalize sex.

          Too bad the video was taken down. It was sexier than what I am used to seeing on nudist/naturist sites, which tend to desexualize the body for fear of being labeled dirty or pornographic. Ironically, the omission of sexuality sends the message that part of the body IS bad, which defeats the purpose of naturism in the first place. If you don’t love ALL of the body you don’t really love ANY of the body. True love is unconditional.

          Thank you, aN. More fun content like that please.

    • Lucie K. says:

      Hi, it´s possible to see your videos again? The videos are so cool!:)

  67. David says:

    so fantastic to have this blog back!!!

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