NYE in NYC with YNA = Nude Year’s Eve!

Many dream of celebrating New Year in New York, and I myself thought of going to Times Square Ball, but given that one has to come several hours in advance to get a spot, other options seem attractive as well. Now, if you want to ring in New Year in New York in the buff, there’s a party for you!

It is organized by Young Nudists&Naturists America and you can check the details on their website.
Now guess who’s gonna be the DJ? Yours truly! And my new nudie friend Jerry, from whom I’ve learned about the party, should help me too. The organizers promise some fun activities photobooth with backdrop and body painting, and I will try my best with bringing in big room party mood with some juicy House tunes. I hope the crowd goes wild! I had three gigs in Berlin back in 2007 under nameKrazy Tok, and they went really well, but I didn’t have time to practice DJing after that. Well, now it’s time for DJ Krazy Tok to come back and get even crazier (and naked!)
It will be cool if I see any of my readers at the party. If not, I wish you a Happy New Year! But where else will you get a Nude New Year’s Eve?

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