KIRIN NUDA (Japanese refreshment?)

… It’s quite interesting that my last post was written on the other side of the Pacific Ocean and I am again dreaming of visiting natural hot springs. So I am in Tokyo now, it rains not less than during my trip to Oregon in the end of May, but at least it is quite hot now (+28C max, +24C at night), even the rain is warm so it doesn’t bother much. So you’d think the only good clothes in such conditions would be no clothes at all, but of course you wouldn’t dare to go naked in the city. So once in a while you have to experience the discomfort of the wet clothes, both from rain and sweat…

There is not much nature left around this huge and buzzing metropole, but I will try to escape somewhere. Somewhere like Izu peninsula, where I discovered the joy of natural hot springs (onsen) on my previous visit to Japan four years ago…
But for now I am just enjoying some fresh sea food in my room, and look what kind of peculiar Japanese refreshing beverage I have!
I thought I’d have to take a picture with it! It practically says my name and that I’m nude, haha. Well, it seems my blog has found a candidate for sponsoring 😉

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