Active naturists?

Why active naturists? Even for many people who are open to nudity, nudism is often restricted just to sunbathing or even only hanging out at home, for so-called closeted nudists. Of course, it is great to just lie down

and enjoy the sun, take off that useless swimwear and get an all-over tan…

However, you may discover that not only relaxation by the pool is fuller without clothes, but many activities are actually comfortable and more fun when done clothes-free! Follow these links for some ideas which may help you connect with nature

as well as connect with your own body and people around you,  as nudity creates an atmosphere of openness and equality.


We provide our favorite examples from open sources online, but you can see our personal accounts in the blog.

25 thoughts on “Active naturists?

  1. It seems that naturism is something exclusively for old men. The few women on the naturism websites are payed to pose in the nude, but they would never practise naturism without money.


    1. it’s funny that you post this comment on THIS website. have you seen our blog? it’s full of our pics, we’re in our 20s–early 30s. Women are indeed underrepresented, but we have them too (look at our posts from Kiev beach, for example, or body paint party)


    2. Exclusively for men? Are you insane? Naturism/nudism is for everybody, no matter you age or gender! I’m a young 20s-age naturist myself, and there are actually a lot of younger nudists/naturists out there you haven’t realized.


    3. What I mean, it’s not exclusively for old men. I’m a young male nudist myself! Anybody of any age or gender can be a nudist/naturist.


  2. Love the look and feel and intent of your site!! Wearing our nature-given covering is the most comfortable way to be (with protection from sun and cold, of course).


  3. Hi all,only back from a naturist break in catalonia.wether great for all 8 days while there.Did alot of walking etc.Found some really great naturist beaches and places in barcelona and outside along the coast. north and south.Really great places.Going back in September if any wants to join me for naturist break.Will give you tour of naturist places and beaches etc.cheers jon


  4. over the moon to have come across your site.Long time naturist in ireland but weather conditions doesnt help such a lifestyle.How ever started going to spain about 8 years ago ,particularly catalonia region.Some great nudist beaches etc around the area.Am very interested in meeting new people with new ideas.Thank a miiion for puting up your excellent blogs.


  5. I want to be a naked guy but i cant cause im 14 any suggestions on what i could do by myself to have fun naked?


    1. I guess you mean that most of the naturist groups are either targeted at families or young adults; I bet there are some organizations for teen nudists, just make a search. otherwise the easiest thing is to go to some beach and make friends. oh wait, you ask what you could do by yourself??? pretty much anything!


  6. This is a terrific site – thanks! I know I feel frustrated at times when I’m at a naturist park and folks are just lazing around, or at most playing water volleyball, which doesn’t require a whole lot of energy. Trying to get the local naturist park to set up a disc golf course is another idea. Even better: petitioning city parks to allow nude recreation on certain days or for certain events… a tough sell, but maybe it will happen sooner rather than later!


    1. Will, thanks for your comment! you’re right, it’d be great of city parks were cool about nude recreation. Actually it is the case in Berlin, for example, but that’s rather an exception. And even there, most people are just lazing around as you say, whereas one can do so many things that only get better in the buff! Hope this article will inspire you for something!


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