hypnotic fire spinning… that’s our “burning” man!

This blogpost is a bit unusual for this blog, as it is dedicated to just one video, and it is more of an artistic value than informative re naturist activities. Though, of course it features a naturist, and a very active one. (On the other hand, you needn’t go much further than the previous post to see that naturism and art can be a great blend.) I shot this video when I went to Sunny Bowl, yet another naked volleyball tournament, at Sunny Rest, a nudist resort in Pennsylvania that readers of this blog may know from my reports on the annual 7k trail race there. I love these events as they attract many people who are both into sports and hanging out naked – my favorite combo – but then there is always even more to them than just sports. So, this time too, our games and parties were accompanied by excellent music with DJ Ashley Crawford and a great fire show, which is what the video is about. As I watched the original videos, I had a tune in my head that was just released right after that weekend (‘Opus’ by Erick Prydz), and somehow it clicked that it would fit perfectly to the fire spinning show. I first thought I’d select just a a few short clips and combine them into a minute long video, but after playing with different speeds, I wanted to overlay the video on the whole track. I highly recommend watching this video in the dark for the best, hypnotic effect; put it in full screen mode, turn the music up, sit back and enjoy!

On another note, watching this naked man spinning fire poi, it’s hard not to think of Burning Man – he’s a perfect personification of the festival! By the way, preparations are in full swing for our theme camp, Gymnasium. If you have a ticket and would like to join, contact us, we have place for a couple more people! Too bad that this guy won’t be there, but I’ll see him and many other naturist volleyball friends at the Naked Volleyball SuperBowl, which is right after Burning Man.

Harlem Shake… [in the buff, of course]

So, it seems that just after I moved from Harlem, it started shaking! Well, if you are a part of any online social network, you know what I mean – the whole internet has been shaken by this meme. (If not, here is the Wikipedia’s entry on the “Harlem Shake” video craze.)

It’s been a subject of controversy, but if you don’t take it too seriously, I think it’s fun. And of course there must have appeared a naked version! Here’s a few of those.

This one is the most naked but in the same time it is probably one the least ‘offensive’ of ‘Harlem Shakes’ – pure fun and fooling around.


The following is closer to the original in its over-the-top rakishness.


And although majority of ‘Harlem Shake’ videos have been produced by guys, here is a pretty well staged version with a girl team.


By the way, I’m probably going to the upcoming naked pool party of Travasuns in Long Island. It is organised at a regular gym with its typical amenities (as I described previously)… which makes it perfect for making another (better!) version of ‘Harlem Shake’. Or would it be too controversial?

Photo shoot for athletes in NYC

To all those who like sports (without clothes): here is a perfect opportunity for you to show your athletic talent and beautiful body in motion AND become a part of an art project of David Michalek.

This video from his previous work will probably give you an idea of what it may look like.

This is from their quest:

Casting: week of May 29th

Shooting: June 12th-16th in Manhattan

Compensation: 100USD + a still of yourself from the shoot signed by the artist

Participants needed for David Michalek’s new multi-media project to be exhibited at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in Paris in the fall. “Figure Studies” is an installation of super-slow motion scenes that show the beauty of the human body in several everyday situations.
We are looking for:
1. Athletes, or people who have some experience (they don’t have to be professional athletes but must have some experience) in one or more areas of sports such as:
Wrestlers, gymnasts, distance runners, discus, shotput, weightlifters, paralympic athletes, fencers, boxers, body builders etc.
2. We are also looking for elderly people and people who look younger that 18yr (although they are legally older than 18yr).
Please submit headshot, resume, full body photo, age, description of any athletic background, ethnicity to figurestudiescasting@aol.com
The photo shoot/filming will take place in Manhattan in mid June.
See website for past works: http://www.davidmichalek.net
Participants will be primarily nude.

More info here.