on a coral reef beach at the Red Sea (Egypt)


Coral Beach Resort in Hurghada, Egypt, is an ideal place where naturists can enjoy one of the richest marine ecosystems – coral reefs of the Red Sea – without having to wear swimsuits. It is the right place to feel unity with the nature: fishes there are not only immensely diverse but are also quite tame! And since life in the coral reef is concentrated in 2-5 upper meters of the sea, it is easy to observe it without much of equipment: snorkeling is perfect.  Just dip into the water, and you will see a world utterly different from the surrounding desert, and quite like nowhere else!

naturist 0003 Rotana Resort Coral Beach, Hurghada, Egypt

I wish I had my underwater camera that time…

It is also a unique place in the entire North Africa and Near East region, besides Israel, where nudists are officially tolerated, including the Egyptian staff of the hotel. However, the web site of the hotel does not include information about the beach, probably to avoid problems with authorities who might not like it. The nudist part of the beach is about several hundreds meters long,

naturist 0000 Rotana Resort Coral Beach, Hurghada, Egypt

but only the first 50 or so are equipped (this area is exactly shown on the map).naturist 0001 Rotana Resort Coral Beach, Hurghada, Egypt

There are wind- and sun-protecting shields and huts at your disposal.

view 0001 Rotana Resort, Hurghada, Egypt

You could of course hang out naked in your bungalow too, but it’s not why you would go there, right?

The best thing about this resort, is that you can swim as you like all along the vast coral reefs.

naturist 0004 Rotana Resort Coral Beach, Hurghada, Egypt

I think we are pretty clear on this website that swimsuits are a nuisance😉 Given the warmth of the Red Sea waters, you won’t need a wetsuit for snorkeling either!

naturist 0005 Rotana Resort Coral Beach, Hurghada, Egypt

Besides hours of swimming (the water is so warm that you can really stay for a few hours in the sea), other water activities are available at the resort as well.

osprey 0000 Rotana Resort, Hurghada, Egypt

I saw several ospreys there; it was quite a show when they went on fishing spree!

But even without all this, just looking at those crystal clear waters can be mesmarizing. naturist 0002 Rotana Resort Coral Beach, Hurghada, Egypt

You can also observe the sunrise over the sea

view 0000 Rotana Resort, Hurghada, Egypt

and sunset over the desert.

view 0002 Rotana Resort, Hurghada, Egypt

There won’t be a shortage of sun in Hurghada, you needn’t worry about the weather to get your all-over tan!)

naturist 0006 Rotana Resort Coral Beach, Hurghada, Egypt
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72 Responses to on a coral reef beach at the Red Sea (Egypt)

  1. Mohamed says:

    You can try it any where away from pepole🙂

  2. Mohamed says:

    I was with my friend , no egyption in the nude area ,if i was a guest i would fight with them espicaly they have clear sign nude beach!
    Any way i look for remote area evry trip to swim and have tan nude

  3. Alaa says:

    Anyone visit it on October ?

    • Mohamed says:

      I stayed in Oberoi i walked on beach and nos security was there i stayed for about 3 hours till on of the guest told the stuf and then someone came and told us this place for the pepole who has Psoriasis and u have to swim other side it was in may

      • Alaa says:

        I think they said that to you go but it is strange for a gueat to do that
        How many guests? And any other egyptians there ? You went alone ?
        Tell us more🙂

  4. jenine50 says:

    Wow! What an awesome place, so beautiful and serene…I have yet to travel to North Africa, and now thinking of planning a trio there (to this resort) very soon! It must be very liberating to be natural in natural surroundings. I cannot wait to travel there. By the way, your body is beautiful, it is perfection in everyway, I don’t believe I’ve seen such a lithe and symmetric body…you are very blessed young man…truly blessed 😊
    Thank you for sharing your activities and the reefs with us!

  5. Khaled says:

    Any active egyptians here?? Seeking to enjoy nudity even at home

  6. Mohamed says:

    Is this place accessible to egyptions ?

  7. Ahmed says:

    i love naturism too and i am still searching for friends from egypt , i am egyptian by the way

  8. nudekk says:

    i am egyptian nudist. any one would like to meet for nudist time. please contact me ka1989111111@hotmail.com

  9. Looks like so much fun! Always like readin’ you guys’ blogs and see where you go to next.

  10. hany says:

    i wish i can join

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  12. Amr says:

    OMG! thanks a lot for your post. I wish i could have seen it before. I am an Egyptian and i enjoyed nude beaches in UK and in Sweden but i never knew that there is some in Egypt! Would definitely try one as soon as possible. If anyone is interested to join please let me know and we could plan something out (getting nude partners in Egypt is harder that finding a nude beach actually).

    Thanks again and i will make sure to follow your posts.

  13. Ahmed says:

    I’m Egyptian live in Cairo
    I love to share others nudists
    let me know when you will come to Egypt and where and I will join
    let us fix date so we can visit all together

  14. Jacques (Holland) says:

    For all nudists who wish to enjoy Egypt naked: Robinson Club Soma Bay has a huge WellFit area (saunas, steam bath, showers, terrace, clean toilets, free water) and a pool, which can also be used without swimwear; furthermore, its neighbour hotel (Kempinski Soma Bay) offers superb spa facilities with an immense spa pool (featuring a sauna, steam bath, terrace, clean toilets and free water), which one can enjoy nude with some discretion (double checked with the pool boys); the same goes for the terrace surrounding this spa pool; lovely

    • alaa says:

      When will you come again ?

      • Jacques (Holland) says:

        between 25th of November and 2nd of December 2015, I will visit the Kempinski Soma Bay again; naked use of the spa facilities, discrete nude use of the immense heated main jacuzzi and “enjoying” the cold (non-heated) and huge spa pool and its terrace without swimwear; hopefully, the pool boys will still be there after my visit in November/December 2014, because they allowed me to use the spa pool + terrace naked; by the way, I was the only one doing it simply because all other guests stayed around the hotel’s main (heated) outdoor pool; however, the sauna/spa/small (chilly) spa jacuzzi were used by more hotel guests and they were all naked (mixed); paradise on earth

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  19. maybe you should try to book it directly? otherwise i have no idea… when i went there i lived in moscow and booked it through a russian agency. it's really great for snorkelling, i highly recommend. let me know how it went

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hello there, together with my girlfirend we wish to visit the rotana resort you mentioned, but incredible to say, from the netherlands you cannot book it and many tour operators do not work with them anymore. Any idea with who they work with so to be able to reserve? thanks a lottomamsterdam@hotmail.co.uk

  21. i don’t know how more specificly i can describe them than in the text above. if u click on on the name of the resort, u’ll get to the web site of the hotel to which the naturist beach belongs. and “it is exactly shown on the map” – click on THE MAP and u will see where the beach is. let me know about ur experience and enjoy!

  22. Anonymous says:

    will be going to hurghda soon – can u specify beaches please

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