Photo shoot for athletes in NYC

To all those who like sports (without clothes): here is a perfect opportunity for you to show your athletic talent and beautiful body in motion AND become a part of an art project of David Michalek.

This video from his previous work will probably give you an idea of what it may look like.

This is from their quest:

Casting: week of May 29th

Shooting: June 12th-16th in Manhattan

Compensation: 100USD + a still of yourself from the shoot signed by the artist

Participants needed for David Michalek’s new multi-media project to be exhibited at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in Paris in the fall. “Figure Studies” is an installation of super-slow motion scenes that show the beauty of the human body in several everyday situations.
We are looking for:
1. Athletes, or people who have some experience (they don’t have to be professional athletes but must have some experience) in one or more areas of sports such as:
Wrestlers, gymnasts, distance runners, discus, shotput, weightlifters, paralympic athletes, fencers, boxers, body builders etc.
2. We are also looking for elderly people and people who look younger that 18yr (although they are legally older than 18yr).
Please submit headshot, resume, full body photo, age, description of any athletic background, ethnicity to
The photo shoot/filming will take place in Manhattan in mid June.
See website for past works:
Participants will be primarily nude.

More info here.

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