‘Naked holidays’ and ‘Unscheduled Early Nude Year’s Eve’ in New York

Who would have thought, that it would be a colleague of mine who would recommend me an apparently famous off-Broadway show with naked performers – Naked Holidays, right by Times Square!

I haven’t heard of it on any naturist/nudist websites, but it is already their 6th year and they still get sold out! Not quite as long as the Naked Boys Singing, but still impressive. So, of course I am going to check it out, on their last show this season.

It sounds like a fun holiday season show, and if you’re interested, I’ve found a website that sells tickets for half the price, follow the link.

On another note, it looks like this year NYC is left out of what seemed to become a traditional Nude Year’s Eve :-/

But thanks to Travasuns, we have an ‘unscheduled early Nude Year’s Eve’ – this Saturday, December 29. I was at the previous event, and it was a lot of fun. Although Travasuns has a fame of bringing mostly ‘older’ crowd,  there was no shortage of activities and I saw many familiar faces from events of YNA, Vita Nuda, or local beaches. Judging by the calendar, they might be as well the most active nudist group in winter season. They offer saunas, hang-out pool, pizza, but what’s especially cool is that they manage to provide volleyball in winter, which is often unofficially dubbed as naturists’ favourite sport. First, I was quite sceptical about indoors volleyball, but in the end my friends Yassin, for whom it was the first naked event btw, Sergei, Liza and I just couldn’t stop playing and were the last ones to leave the field…

Looking forward to these events! Stay tuned for reviews 🙂

3 thoughts on “‘Naked holidays’ and ‘Unscheduled Early Nude Year’s Eve’ in New York

  1. All members of Vida Nuda are always welcome at all Long Island Travasuns events. We have Pool Parties in Wantagh, Long Island and Spa Parties in Astoria, Queens. Check out website travasuns.org for more details.


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