in Oregon now

I am in Portland now, and the weather is dreadful! I thought of going biking+camping on the weekend to visit natural hot springs (they are especially tempting in such weather), but it’s probably to cold to sleep in a tent (it is about +5…+7ºC at night), especially if I get wet while riding the bike… A car would help, but I can’t drive 😦 OK, getting driver’s license is on must-do list for the summer!

I don’t want to miss such wonders as Cougar hot springs, just look at these photos I’ve found at Panoramio:

Ah, I so want to repeat that amazing experience of natural hot springs that I had on Izu peninsula in Japan… Well, if not here in Oregon, then hopefully when I am again in Japan in July. There, it was possible to reach the onsens (hot springs) by public transport…

small beach near Syvota in north-western Greece

The area of north-western Greece to the south of Igoumenitsa (Ηγουμενίτσα) provides many secluded beaches and flat rocks for a quiet relaxation au naturel… or rock-diving, if you prefer.

We went from Ioannina, passing through picturesque mountainous landscapes, and camped at a small beach close to Syvota (Σύβοτα). Like at most of the Greek beaches, you won’t see any signs for nudists there and when we arrived there in the late afternoon none was clothes-free. At night, however, when others left and the temperature was still very warm, there was no reason to remain clad. When I went for a night swim, something truly special happened: as I always swim in goggles (the only thing I like to wear while swimming ;-)), I could see that my body left thousands of tiny sparkling traces in the water – it looked like golden ‘stardust’ that fairies leave when they fly around, so I called myself an underwater fay. In Sweden there is an annual competition for water fairies who play different music instruments standing in the river. Then I think in Greece there should be the next stage of the competition: for water fairies dancing in the sea at night! Then spectators will have to submerge as well, but it is not a problem, since in August the average night temperature in Greece is warmer than the average day temperature in Sweden and the sea stays warm… Biological explanation for this phenomenon is that bioluminescent plankton, which is abundant in the Mediterranean in the late summer, responds to mechanical disturbance with glowing.

When we woke up in the morning I already felt confident enough to stay naked but when I got out of the tent I saw that there was a straight couple and the man was also sans clothes. Then we swam to the rocks and jumped from them (see the video above). That man also came there and showed us a better dive. He was a friendly French guy and suggested us to show how to dive. Well, I tried just from less than half of the height of those rocks and wasn’t very successful 😦 Hope I’ll learn to dive from such height next year!

When we returned there was another couple, Greeks, who looked at us; probably they didn’t expect to see naked people there, and I thought it might be uncomfortable for them, but in fact soon they disrobed completely as well. So until a yacht with a big italian family arrived, the beach had become mostly naturist =)

And small pebbles of the beach were also perfect to try out a slingshot which I bought in Ioannina (it is sold there as a souvenir for some reason).

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t use it against this beautiful Scarce Swallowtail but rather to protect from the aggressive textile invaders 😀

Secluded beach in Saronida, near Athens

I wrote about flat rocks of Limanakia, about 1-1.5 hours from Athens city centre, but if they seem too busy, you can follow further from the city and find some small secluded beaches like this one shown on the map.

You can go there by the same bus as to Limanakia – E22 – but further, till the last stop actually. Then walk along the sea-shore, passing through an urban beach first, until you reach a place of your choice.

It is simply amazing to find such a nice hidden spot 2 hours away from the buzzing centre of Athens;

perfect for a romantic beach day.

The water is crystal clear, so the place is great for snorkeling.

Of course, we swam naked.

But we wouldn’t be active naturists, if we just swam there.

We also played frisbee

and beach bats. As the beach itself was quite small, we decided to play in water. It made it more challenging and fun at the same time.

PS Given that this place is not a municipal beach, its cleanliness depends on you! Unfortunately we found some garbage on this beautiful beach. We took away what we could, but it’d be easier if everyone just took everything with themselves…

Mykonos (Party islands, part II)

Mykonos is a small island of the Mediterranean with a world fame of a party destination that can be rivaled only by Ibiza. Comparing to the latter, Mykonos attracts somewhat younger crowd, perhaps because it is slightly cheaper.

As elsewhere in Greece, Mykonos is full of clothes-optional beaches, and with the names like Paradise or Super Paradise you would certainly expect visitors wearing suits à la Adam and Eve or, given its reputation of one of the hottest gay destinations, Adam and Steve.

But in July-August it is all about partying there, with banging tunes from the early afternoon till late night, when the the crowd, by that time almost certainly drunk already, moves to the clubs. So in most cases this is probably as close to nudism as it gets at the mainstream beaches of Mykonos in high season. In fact at Paradise beach, I did not see any nudists neither in April a couple of years ago nor this July, there were only two topless girls. So apparently this Paradise follows the story of the place which gave its name.

Luckily there is also Super Paradise beach nearby, and in some respects it is certainly ‘super’ over the Paradise one: people sunbathe and swim au naturel there 🙂 You can come from Paradise to Super Paradise by boat-taxi. Then nudists mostly reside in the left side end (when you face it from the sea).

Or you can walk up through dry fields and rocks, quite picturesque though, for about half-hour. Just be prepared to jump over some stone fences between them. And beware of the cattle and sheep!-)

On the way you will find some nice coves with flat rocks. In fact this is only place where you can find rest from the loud music in the vicinity of Paradise in case you’re a little tired from partying. In spring some rocks are literally covered with flowers, the combination of colors is just fantastic!

For cheap and convenient accommodation, I’d recommend Paradise Resort. The cheapest options are these wooden cabins or camping (luckily they provide shade), but they also have deluxe apartments.Then you have the Paradise beach and Paradise club at your feet. And they even have a bird house with my favorite zebra finches! Though I preferred to go to Super Paradise beach or the coves for swimming and Cavo Paradiso for dancing. BTW watch out for flyers, there may be tips for free entry. Cavo Paradiso is an amazing club built on the rocks over the sea next to the Paradise beach. So you can dance under the stars till the sunrise. They also feature famous full moon parties, and the line up always includes top world DJs. And there is a pool in the shape of the island where you can dance as well, like on this video from a party with Mark Knight on the decks.

Not sure how they’ll react if you dance naked, but it’s almost as good as it gets =)

See also our report from another clubbing mecca of the Mediterranean with some naturist options, Ibiza!

Ibiza (Party islands, part I)

Ibiza… the clubbing capital of the world, but it has even more to offer. First it became notorious for its hippy gatherings in 1960-70’s, which provided its fame for liberal atmosphere and were a starting point for the clubbing scene, developed by the likes of Pete Tong. So when I dreamt of going to Ibiza, I of course wanted to see the legendary clubs of the White Isle, such as Pacha and Space, but also had images of some tranquil beaches with hippies like this.

This year the dream has come true and I went there with a friend from Madrid. We stayed at campsite Cala Nova, which is quite far from so called “super clubs” in Ibiza Town and San Antonio, but as I thought it would not be a problem, as there is a direct night bus, “Discobus“, to Ibiza Town. This campsite is certainly a well-kept place with all necessary facilities including supermarket, so if you want to save on accommodation, it could be a good option. The only reminder of the glorious hippy times there is a hippy market in neighboring Es Cana. Unfortunately it is not clothing-optional campsite, which would be beneficial in the summer heat, and I do not know if there are any in Ibiza,

but it is just 5min away from the beach.

The beach is beautiful, quite crowded but with enough private space for such a popular tourist destination. It was probably my first experience at a beach where only small fraction of people were naked. At different times there were just 5-20 nudists, and what was unusual is that the nudist part was in the centre of the beach (where you see sand cliffs on this photo).

There were a couple of surprised faces among passerby, but overall none seemed to care. This made me think that even textile people do not have anything against public nudity when they see that it is not intended to shock anyone. Maybe some of them wonder “why?”, and some, “why don’t I try?”…

Finally there was our first night out. We headed to Pacha to the party of Swedish House Mafia, represented by Axwell and Steve Angello on that night, with warm-up set provided by French duo Arno Cost and Norman Doray. Pacha was the first super club in Ibiza. Now, barely has it any sign of its hippy past and has become a renowned brand with a chain of clubs throughout the globe… The party featured some of my favorite producers, so I was looking forward to hearing them and dancing to the music till sunrise… Although local government tries to diminish predominance of young clubbers among tourists visiting Ibiza and pressures clubs to close by 6am. Unfortunately the Discobus stops working at approximately this time, and then there is no direct bus to Cala Nova. But the Swedes went on well beyond that time and promised they would play till the crowd would stay, and the music and atmosphere was so great, that we could not stop… We had to pay for this joy by an hour trip in a bus and taxi and not being able to sleep normally in the tent because of the heat and noise from awaking neighbors. I had to admit that combination of clubbing and camping wasn’t such a great idea :-/

But we continued sleeping at the beach. Luckily the sand cliff at the naturist section of the beach provides shade in the afternoon.

Nevertheless we went out again on the following night, as we had booked the tickets in advance and I really wanted to hear the mighty Carl Cox, which has been in the top DJ list since it was first compiled 25 years ago. Despite the event was held at one of Ibiza’s hugest venues, Space, the dance-floor was packed. This has nothing to do with naturism (except that maybe it helps me to maintain good stamina necessary for such long nights), but I thought I should put a video from that night…

Surreal!  So if you are into dance music this is the place to be.

… and then again sleeping on the beach and very late lunch at the restaurant next to it…
From that day the waves were quite strong and there was even a bunch of surfers, mostly in the right side of the beach (if you face the sea). Again I was amazed – so many things one could do on this small island. I did not even know that wave-surfing was possible in Mediterranean. Too bad I don’t have a board and the time was too short for taking a course.
But at least I couldn’t resist from buying beach bats with “Ibiza” written with geckos on them, as beach bats seem very popular on Ibiza beaches.

On the last day we went to the biggest official nudist beach of Ibiza – Es Cavallet. The area at the entrance is mostly textile though, but further to the south (right), more and more naturists (and more and more gays among them) appear until it becomes fully clothes-free.

There were some of the best-trained guys I have ever seen (obviously, I did not dare to take pictures). So if it was believed that Greek gods spent winter time in Cyprus, they must have spent their summer vacations in Ibiza =)

But almost at the end of the beach on the right side, there is a bar featuring huge rainbow flags, around which most people were clothed again.

The water was of two contrasting colors – from very intense dark blue in the deep parts, to light turquoise at the shallow shore,

where the bottom is naturally very flat and smooth, somewhat a cemented sand.

So we were totally astonished by visiting just few of Ibiza’s sites.

Unfortunately we did not have time to visit another famous nudist beach, Aguas Blancas, that is recommended by one of my favorite DJs Judge Jules in Ministry of Sound’s guide to Ibiza. And there is certainly much more to explore.

Or is it the time to check out also our report from another clubbing mecca of the Mediterranean with some naturist options, Mykonos!

Kalogria beach in Western Peloponnese, Greece


Nudist part of the beach of Kalogria (παραλίες γυμνιστών Καλόγρια) is to the right (if you look at the sea) from the main beach, through some rocks and woods. But you will get a very lovely bay with sandy beach, some rocks to climb, and clear water to swim; and don’t forget to enjoy the romantic sunset view, as it faces the sunset point.

Naturism in Japan? oh yes, try hot springs next to refreshing waterfalls!


How about swimming in naturally hot springs – onsens – and then swap to the refreshing water in a waterfall all surrounded by dense subtropical forest? Not only onsens are naturally warm but also naturally rich in different minerals, which is often claimed to have healing and vitalizing forces. At least it is an incredibly pleasant experience to relax in warm water in natural conditions. But unfortunately the civilization is taking over and many onsens are sort of installed into hotels where you of course don’t really feel that it is all natural, and yet more rules are getting rather prude and by numerous requests many of such onsens now require swimming suits, though Japanese have a long tradition of nude bathing (often even in mixed gender groups) in onsens. But here, at Nanadaru Falls, you can experience onsens in relatively untouched state and in absolutely natural surroundings. Though still you should ask permission and pay to the local hotel where you may leave you clothes and other stuff, but probably you should better keep your swimming trunks until you are in the onsen. There are also cave-like onsens, but the highlight of them all is three open-air onsens with different temperature of water (from mild warm to hot) next to 30-meter high waterfalls! And this is only the first (and the highest) of seven (!) waterfalls on the river. It is a very romantic walkway along this forest river with statues illustrating a love-story of a Nobel Prize winning Japanese writer; you may go up to the last 22-meter high waterfall in the magnificent opening of the forest.

To get there from Tokyo and Yokohama use Odoriko Express (or Odoriko-Go) to Kawazu station; ask in tourist kiosk for bus schedule and other information. Bus to Nanadaru Falls goes through magnificent landscape, so you will enjoy absolutely whole trip!

Moreover, you can combine this also with more traditional naturist activity: going to a beach.It seems there are no official naturist beaches in Japan, but Izu peninsula has a lot of sandy and flat rock beaches with warm water and wet subtropical forest around. They are not too crowded, and in the beginning of September it was easy to find a secluded spot. I can recommend visiting flat rocks at Kawazu. They are indeed convenient to dive in the water, as the entrance to water is steep, and then, to lie on, because they are roundish and pleasantly warm. The ocean water is warm too, though the sea weeds rather resemble those of cold northern seas. The view is magnificent and there is also an impressive cave where you can swim
To find these secluded coves walk from Kawazu station towards the ocean, then to the left (in the direction of the tunnel) and you will pass through small forest and rocks; there from above you will see the rocks where you may stay nude, but first you will get down to huge sandy beach. And then just go a little backwards on the edge of the sea till you find the best spot for you.