under construction

I hope many readers of this blog are longing for new posts already, but unfortunately I have been busy with too many things.

Just one of the things is the renovation of my boyfriend’s flat which he now has to continue alone while I am heading to my parents in Ukraine… but at least I’ve contributed something.
Another reason why there hasn’t been much posted recently is because I actually have so much new material that I really need some time to prepare it well…
And my boy has to give me some photos, new and old (from the last year), so keep in touch!

in Oregon now

I am in Portland now, and the weather is dreadful! I thought of going biking+camping on the weekend to visit natural hot springs (they are especially tempting in such weather), but it’s probably to cold to sleep in a tent (it is about +5…+7ºC at night), especially if I get wet while riding the bike… A car would help, but I can’t drive 😦 OK, getting driver’s license is on must-do list for the summer!

I don’t want to miss such wonders as Cougar hot springs, just look at these photos I’ve found at Panoramio:

Ah, I so want to repeat that amazing experience of natural hot springs that I had on Izu peninsula in Japan… Well, if not here in Oregon, then hopefully when I am again in Japan in July. There, it was possible to reach the onsens (hot springs) by public transport…