Secluded beach in Saronida, near Athens

I wrote about flat rocks of Limanakia, about 1-1.5 hours from Athens city centre, but if they seem too busy, you can follow further from the city and find some small secluded beaches like this one shown on the map.

You can go there by the same bus as to Limanakia – E22 – but further, till the last stop actually. Then walk along the sea-shore, passing through an urban beach first, until you reach a place of your choice.

It is simply amazing to find such a nice hidden spot 2 hours away from the buzzing centre of Athens;

perfect for a romantic beach day.

The water is crystal clear, so the place is great for snorkeling.

Of course, we swam naked.

But we wouldn’t be active naturists, if we just swam there.

We also played frisbee

and beach bats. As the beach itself was quite small, we decided to play in water. It made it more challenging and fun at the same time.

PS Given that this place is not a municipal beach, its cleanliness depends on you! Unfortunately we found some garbage on this beautiful beach. We took away what we could, but it’d be easier if everyone just took everything with themselves…

Nudi di fronte agli yachts dei milionari: Benvenuti a Capri!)


Sembra che questa sia l’unica parte di questa isola chic dove alle persone non importa davvero quale tipo di vestito viene indossato…perché qui loro non vestono nulla 😉 Bisogna andare verso via Krupp da Marina Piccola, e poi verso il mare passando attraverso i pini arricciati e ristoranti, sono mostrati sulla mappa esattamente! Non c’è sabbia, e l’entrata nell’acqua non è comoda, ma alcune rocce sono perfette per distendersi. E non dimenticatevi di fare una fotografia di fronte allo yacht di qualche celebrità o multimilionario, come Abramovich. Potete essere nudi, ma siete comunque a Capri!
Italian text by Matteo

beach near Lisbon (Praia do Meco)

See full size image Português

Praia do Meco is an amazingly huge
and beautiful beach, perfect for naturism and camping, with pine forests around, high cliffs and springs with fresh water. Apparently you can also do paragliding there,  maybe also naked?
Although one of the best on the Lisbon coast, this beach is a little challenging to reach by public transportation. You have to take the bus to Sesimbra from Lisbon’s Praça de Espanha bus terminal, and get off at Santana. From there, around 8 buses daily run to Meco village. Be sure to ask for a timetable for your return trip.

Nude in front of millionaires’ yachts: Welcome to Capri!)


It seems this is the only spot on this chic island where people don’t really care what kind of clothes they wear… because they wear nothing here 😉 Just go to via Krupp from Marina Piccola and then to the sea passing through the twisted pines and restaurants, it is shown on the map exactly! There is no sand, and the entrance to the water is not convenient, but it is nice to lie on some of the rocks. Don’t be shy and take a picture in front of a yacht of some celebrity or multimillionaire, like Abramovich. You may be naked, but you are still on Capri!

Kalogria beach in Western Peloponnese, Greece


Nudist part of the beach of Kalogria (παραλίες γυμνιστών Καλόγρια) is to the right (if you look at the sea) from the main beach, through some rocks and woods. But you will get a very lovely bay with sandy beach, some rocks to climb, and clear water to swim; and don’t forget to enjoy the romantic sunset view, as it faces the sunset point.