Naked chef

Last week I had my first outdoor naturist experience of 2010: I jogged naked on some lonely trails ofGrunewald. But it is still quite chilly and the forest looks pretty much the same as when we visited it last October when I finished writing my thesis

So while it was cold outside, there wasn’t much naturist activity going on. But there is one thing that we do, have to do and like to do at any weather conditions: it’s eating.
Noteveryone likes cooking though, but I really do. And sometimes this activity requires some clothes, especially if you fry on the olive oil! Well, but there is no contradiction to the naturist lifestyle if you have such an apron like this one 😎
Nice souvenir from Italy 😉 I think I cooked something Italian on these photos, but I like to try all kinds of recipes from all over the world and of course don’t forget my native Ukrainian and Russian food…
By the way, since naturism is usually associated with a healthy and environmentally friendly way of life, I wonder if indeed naturists eat healthier food in general. We eat just regular food but certainly avoid fast food most of the time. I’ve found some videos of this elegant nude chef from South Africa, Sharon Picone, who certainly looks very healthy and is active in propaganda of vegan food and naturism.

Young and active but not naturists…

… this time I am talking about neurons. Last Thursday I defended my PhD thesis about adult neurogenesis , and who would have thought that its title was inspired by the name of this blog! Yes, the neurons I studied were also young and active 8)

And it was one of those very rare occasions when I did want to wear something!

And not only this awesome hat made by my colleagues =)

I bought my suit about three years ago, and it’s been waiting for an occasion to be worn since then. The tie was a souvenir from Japan (I bought it in “100 yen shop”, but it looks cool)… Finally there was a good reason to try them out.

Although I like suits and ties, normally I don’t bother wearing anything fancy… if I wear anything at all, hehe.

For example, when I was writing my thesis I mostly didn’t.

It was cool to go to write to some parks here in Berlin.

During autumn it was quite cool though in terms of temperature though, but most of the text I anyway wrote in Athens… Those were good times, let’s see where life brings me next.

Naturist dreams

As some readers with whom I maintain personal contact know, I broke my foot in the end of November. So I couldn’t maintain practically any activities, let alone naturist ones. I hope this week I will get rid of the plaster on my foot and will not need crutches anymore! Let’s see what the doctor says.

Though in any case there is not much to do in winter. So I am already dreaming of summer. Besides all the things I’ve already mentioned I (would) like to do, there is one tantalizing image that keeps appearing in my head. I want to find a big poppy field and run in the red sea of the blossoming plants.
PS It’s not me on the pics 🙂

Hiking in Sonoran Desert in Arizona

As you can guess it is sunny here most of the year, so welcome to Estrella Mountain Regional Park of Maricopa County Parks, Phoenix, Arizona, to get all over body tan, 8D well, in case you need it.

but even though it is a desert it is full of bushes where you can find some shade. Since it is not a naturist park and nudism is therefore not legalized there, you will also use those bushes for another purpose – to hide! You will be even watched from planes, welcome to the “country of freedom”. lol
Though we haven’t really seen anyone else, and other observers included only birds of prey.

But anyway it is a splendid place for hiking.

Naturism in Japan? oh yes, try hot springs next to refreshing waterfalls!


How about swimming in naturally hot springs – onsens – and then swap to the refreshing water in a waterfall all surrounded by dense subtropical forest? Not only onsens are naturally warm but also naturally rich in different minerals, which is often claimed to have healing and vitalizing forces. At least it is an incredibly pleasant experience to relax in warm water in natural conditions. But unfortunately the civilization is taking over and many onsens are sort of installed into hotels where you of course don’t really feel that it is all natural, and yet more rules are getting rather prude and by numerous requests many of such onsens now require swimming suits, though Japanese have a long tradition of nude bathing (often even in mixed gender groups) in onsens. But here, at Nanadaru Falls, you can experience onsens in relatively untouched state and in absolutely natural surroundings. Though still you should ask permission and pay to the local hotel where you may leave you clothes and other stuff, but probably you should better keep your swimming trunks until you are in the onsen. There are also cave-like onsens, but the highlight of them all is three open-air onsens with different temperature of water (from mild warm to hot) next to 30-meter high waterfalls! And this is only the first (and the highest) of seven (!) waterfalls on the river. It is a very romantic walkway along this forest river with statues illustrating a love-story of a Nobel Prize winning Japanese writer; you may go up to the last 22-meter high waterfall in the magnificent opening of the forest.

To get there from Tokyo and Yokohama use Odoriko Express (or Odoriko-Go) to Kawazu station; ask in tourist kiosk for bus schedule and other information. Bus to Nanadaru Falls goes through magnificent landscape, so you will enjoy absolutely whole trip!

Moreover, you can combine this also with more traditional naturist activity: going to a beach.It seems there are no official naturist beaches in Japan, but Izu peninsula has a lot of sandy and flat rock beaches with warm water and wet subtropical forest around. They are not too crowded, and in the beginning of September it was easy to find a secluded spot. I can recommend visiting flat rocks at Kawazu. They are indeed convenient to dive in the water, as the entrance to water is steep, and then, to lie on, because they are roundish and pleasantly warm. The ocean water is warm too, though the sea weeds rather resemble those of cold northern seas. The view is magnificent and there is also an impressive cave where you can swim
To find these secluded coves walk from Kawazu station towards the ocean, then to the left (in the direction of the tunnel) and you will pass through small forest and rocks; there from above you will see the rocks where you may stay nude, but first you will get down to huge sandy beach. And then just go a little backwards on the edge of the sea till you find the best spot for you.