Naturist dreams

As some readers with whom I maintain personal contact know, I broke my foot in the end of November. So I couldn’t maintain practically any activities, let alone naturist ones. I hope this week I will get rid of the plaster on my foot and will not need crutches anymore! Let’s see what the doctor says.

Though in any case there is not much to do in winter. So I am already dreaming of summer. Besides all the things I’ve already mentioned I (would) like to do, there is one tantalizing image that keeps appearing in my head. I want to find a big poppy field and run in the red sea of the blossoming plants.
PS It’s not me on the pics 🙂

4 thoughts on “Naturist dreams

  1. I painted a big poppy field and a guy who came to run in the red sea!!! I painted this picture some days ago!!!It's unbelievable!!! We feel each other!!!


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