Young and active but not naturists…

… this time I am talking about neurons. Last Thursday I defended my PhD thesis about adult neurogenesis , and who would have thought that its title was inspired by the name of this blog! Yes, the neurons I studied were also young and active 8)

And it was one of those very rare occasions when I did want to wear something!

And not only this awesome hat made by my colleagues =)

I bought my suit about three years ago, and it’s been waiting for an occasion to be worn since then. The tie was a souvenir from Japan (I bought it in “100 yen shop”, but it looks cool)… Finally there was a good reason to try them out.

Although I like suits and ties, normally I don’t bother wearing anything fancy… if I wear anything at all, hehe.

For example, when I was writing my thesis I mostly didn’t.

It was cool to go to write to some parks here in Berlin.

During autumn it was quite cool though in terms of temperature though, but most of the text I anyway wrote in Athens… Those were good times, let’s see where life brings me next.

4 thoughts on “Young and active but not naturists…

  1. Congratulations!!!!

    BTW, I’m in Berlin for a couple of days, and plan to explore the places you describe in your blog…. that is, if the rain stops….


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