Naked chef

Last week I had my first outdoor naturist experience of 2010: I jogged naked on some lonely trails ofGrunewald. But it is still quite chilly and the forest looks pretty much the same as when we visited it last October when I finished writing my thesis

So while it was cold outside, there wasn’t much naturist activity going on. But there is one thing that we do, have to do and like to do at any weather conditions: it’s eating.
Noteveryone likes cooking though, but I really do. And sometimes this activity requires some clothes, especially if you fry on the olive oil! Well, but there is no contradiction to the naturist lifestyle if you have such an apron like this one 😎
Nice souvenir from Italy 😉 I think I cooked something Italian on these photos, but I like to try all kinds of recipes from all over the world and of course don’t forget my native Ukrainian and Russian food…
By the way, since naturism is usually associated with a healthy and environmentally friendly way of life, I wonder if indeed naturists eat healthier food in general. We eat just regular food but certainly avoid fast food most of the time. I’ve found some videos of this elegant nude chef from South Africa, Sharon Picone, who certainly looks very healthy and is active in propaganda of vegan food and naturism.

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