Photo shoot for athletes in NYC

To all those who like sports (without clothes): here is a perfect opportunity for you to show your athletic talent and beautiful body in motion AND become a part of an art project of David Michalek.

This video from his previous work will probably give you an idea of what it may look like.

This is from their quest:

Casting: week of May 29th

Shooting: June 12th-16th in Manhattan

Compensation: 100USD + a still of yourself from the shoot signed by the artist

Participants needed for David Michalek’s new multi-media project to be exhibited at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in Paris in the fall. “Figure Studies” is an installation of super-slow motion scenes that show the beauty of the human body in several everyday situations.
We are looking for:
1. Athletes, or people who have some experience (they don’t have to be professional athletes but must have some experience) in one or more areas of sports such as:
Wrestlers, gymnasts, distance runners, discus, shotput, weightlifters, paralympic athletes, fencers, boxers, body builders etc.
2. We are also looking for elderly people and people who look younger that 18yr (although they are legally older than 18yr).
Please submit headshot, resume, full body photo, age, description of any athletic background, ethnicity to
The photo shoot/filming will take place in Manhattan in mid June.
See website for past works:
Participants will be primarily nude.

More info here.

New season at Fort Tilden

With this miserable weather in NYC in the last couple of days, I can’t help sharing that we actually opened the beach season two weeks ago at Fort Tilden.

I already mentioned that we went there on an unusually warm day last November, so it was only more pleasant to come there on an unusually warm day in April and enjoy the first rays of sun and awakening nature.

Although it is autumn that is usually acclaimed for diversity of color palette, the spring forest of Fort Tilden looked very multicolored too.

We first hid from the wind behind the dune but then ventured to the beach itself, but didn’t really dare to enter water.

… there wasn’t only awakening nature, though. That dried horseshoe crab found its new identity as mask 😎

Nude Year’s Eve photos and new party from YNA!

naturist 0000 Nude Year's Eve 2011 with YNA, New York, NY, USA

So, as I announced briefly before the New Year, I joined Young Nudists&Naturists America as a DJ for their Nude Year’s Eve party. It was my first time to celebrate New Year in the buff at a social event and the first time I was DJing since 2007, so I was very excited!

I was there with my friend Jerry but I got to know a bunch of cool people, including Felicity, the PR of Young Nudists&Naturists America, and a couple of members from Florida Young Naturists, Kathleen and Mark. What they told me about naturist events and activities in Florida made me envious, but it looks like NYC has something to offer too 😉

naturist 0001 Nude Year's Eve 2011 with YNA, New York, NY, USA

Mark seemed to be pretty much into my music.

naturist 0002 Nude Year's Eve 2011 with YNA, New York, NY, USA

‘Music lives on’  – said his tattoo – that’s how we like our dancers 🙂 At some point I had to leave my ‘DJ booth’ (kinda) to join most of the crowd at the roof.

naturist 0003 Nude Year's Eve 2011 with YNA, New York, NY, USA

It was quite chilly, but when I saw that we were right next to Empire State Building, I couldn’t care less about the cold!

naturist 0004 Nude Year's Eve 2011 with YNA, New York, NY, USA

But I had to carry more though, namely Mark, as the roof was full of wet snow and he didn’t have shoes on him.

naturist 0005 Nude Year's Eve 2011 with YNA, New York, NY, USA

Well, I might have missed the Times Square Ball, but being naked on a rooftop next to Empire State Building seemed like a good alternative!

This Saturday night (Feb 19) Young Nudists&Naturists America organize another party at the same spot and I will play a couple of hours set there, hope to see even more people there! Go totheir website to register for the party.

Nu York, Nu York! (now you can see it!)

Well, I clearly underestimated New York’s naturist capacity! It’s pretty clear that it won’t beat Berlin (unless legislation changes), but still, thanks to my new nudie friend Christian, I’ve found another unofficial nudist spot, and he will show me even more, but probably I’ll have to wait for the next season… But I didn’t suspect that during this autumn I would find two beaches and even fulfill my fantasy of taking a nude pic with Manhattan skyline on the background!

So on the same shore where I visited a gay and partially nudist beach of Jacob Riis park (on the right photo above, you can see those towers of Jacob Riis Park), there is quite a long stretch of sandy beach to the South, which is surrounded by forested dunes in the area of Fort Tilden, an abandoned military fort. According to Christian, this beach gets crowded only on weekends during hot season, otherwise it’s rather empty and you can find quite a few people enjoying its quietness without any clothes.

But besides having a nice long beach, this area is also good for a stroll through a forest and visiting some abandoned bunkers. It may get quite spooky, actually! But one of the bunkers has a observation platform on top. Since the place is not frequented by too many visitors, we felt quite comfortable to disrobe and take some shots. But we had to be quite careful listening if any other visitor were getting closer. In any case, for at about an hour, there was no one around, and we totally enjoyed the view of Manhattan skyline

and surrounding forest up to the beach.

Although the city appears very far on the photos,

I actually felt like I could just fly there.

No, in the end we had to travel back by bikes and subway, and in the late afternoon it got really chilly too (it’s the end of October after all).

But it was a great and unique experience. For the lack of a better phrase, I felt as if New York was at my feet 😀