Nu York, Nu York! (now you can see it!)

Well, I clearly underestimated New York’s naturist capacity! It’s pretty clear that it won’t beat Berlin (unless legislation changes), but still, thanks to my new nudie friend Christian, I’ve found another unofficial nudist spot, and he will show me even more, but probably I’ll have to wait for the next season… But I didn’t suspect that during this autumn I would find two beaches and even fulfill my fantasy of taking a nude pic with Manhattan skyline on the background!

So on the same shore where I visited a gay and partially nudist beach of Jacob Riis park (on the right photo above, you can see those towers of Jacob Riis Park), there is quite a long stretch of sandy beach to the South, which is surrounded by forested dunes in the area of Fort Tilden, an abandoned military fort. According to Christian, this beach gets crowded only on weekends during hot season, otherwise it’s rather empty and you can find quite a few people enjoying its quietness without any clothes.

But besides having a nice long beach, this area is also good for a stroll through a forest and visiting some abandoned bunkers. It may get quite spooky, actually! But one of the bunkers has a observation platform on top. Since the place is not frequented by too many visitors, we felt quite comfortable to disrobe and take some shots. But we had to be quite careful listening if any other visitor were getting closer. In any case, for at about an hour, there was no one around, and we totally enjoyed the view of Manhattan skyline

and surrounding forest up to the beach.

Although the city appears very far on the photos,

I actually felt like I could just fly there.

No, in the end we had to travel back by bikes and subway, and in the late afternoon it got really chilly too (it’s the end of October after all).

But it was a great and unique experience. For the lack of a better phrase, I felt as if New York was at my feet 😀

5 thoughts on “Nu York, Nu York! (now you can see it!)

  1. I got arrested at For Tilden june 2010.For what was a simple violation I was handcuffed,finger printed,mug shot,and background check.They also went through my personal gear(back pack).Curious as to why the federal park police on federal land are enforcing ne york state’s penal code (245.01) regarding nudity.Fort Tilden is an out of the way stretch resembling c/o beaches further east on the same island of “long” in the same state.Housing and mass transit are miles away.I wonder what the ral rason is for that beach not being c/o.It’s the perfect beach for this purpose.Let me guess, politics.
    Maybe we should get one big block of registered nudist voters and send individual letters asking for this beach to be c/o.A petition is cicular filed.Each name on a single letter means many votes.I got this info from a former community leader.
    Let’s do it.


    1. sorry that you were so unlucky to experience that. I definitely love the idea of making Fort Tilden clothing-optional officially. Do you know where we should send those letters? I hope other nudist organizations, like YNA and Vita Nuda, will support us!


      1. Go with this-each letter equals 100 votes.A well written letterexpressing our desire to have Fort Tilden designated as C/O must be composed nd emailed to all.Each person must sign this,stamp and mail a copy to several poiticians.The more the better our chances of getting ears to listen.Fact:The C/O beache further east on the same island and in the sam state are very similar to Tilden as they’re quite isolated from housing and mass transit.My guess is that there are some well to do folks in Neponsit that are getting their way.That area is miles from Fort Tilden and they have their own beach right down the street.Give us our and all are happy. “The need of the manyoutweigh the needs of the fe or the one.Or the rich”.Also,each person must copy,stamp and all a copy of the same letter to each of those nude rec. organizations.Everyone wants their name one the trophy.This has a better chance in the winter months as all are enjoyng the summer.We need a base to work from.Perhaps a website.Some meetings too.
        Let’s make it so.


        1. hi Vinny! as you know, last summer Fort Tilden was closed entirely due to damage from the storm Sandy. Maybe we can work on your suggestion during winter and hope that it will be reopen as a clothing-optional park by next summer?


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