some upcoming events in NYC area

Thanks to Travasuns group, even in the cold time of the year we can gather for social naked activities at a monthly Winter Pool Party in Long Island. The next one is this Saturday, March 1 . I’ve been to a few of their events, and it was always fun. It’s a low-key event at a rented gym. They offer saunas, hang-out pool, pizza and even volleyball, which is often unofficially dubbed as naturists’ favorite sport. Given that volleyball is indoors and surrounded by walls, we can also play it as wallyball.

For someone not ready to take it all off at once, there is a perfect opportunity on Friday night: my favorite night club in New York, Pacha, has a No-Pants party with DJ Michael Woods, who is one of the best producers of progressive house and trance music around. From their press release:

Yup, you heard right. Pacha Has Woods! And when you’ve got Woods, the last thing you need is your pants. Pacha is pleased to invite you to take them off – take them all off. A staple of the modern clubbing era, the No Pants Party is quickly becoming the stuff of legend. Rock out with your everything out all night to the waist-down sounds of our brand new resident: Michael Woods!#PACHAHASWOODS FREE ADMISSION TIL 2AM WHEN YOU CHECK YOUR PANTS AT THE DOOR!

Let’s see how far we can go with rocking out with our everything out, and if Michael Woods himself joins the craze!

Two weeks later, on Thursday, March 13, we’ll have “New York Naked Painting Party – World Tour Kick Off!”  at the Highline loft., get tickets here. The title speaks for itself, and I’ve already posted about their previous events at Gallery Bar. Their next event will be in Mexico at Hidden Beach Resort in the end of March.

I would also like to mention the film called ‘Stranger By The Lake’ (L’inconnu du lac). I heard about it a few months ago from a friend in Paris, and now it made it to a couple of cinemas in New York. It’s set at a nudist beach and cruising area by a lake in French countryside. It is a very powerful psychological drama about reckless passion, friendship, loneliness… It is very realistic and has no music soundtrack, and yet it’s also beautifully shot. Given that I don’t want cruising culture to be associated with nudism, I need to point out right away that, curiously, cruising itself was done clothed, while most conversations and other interactions were done in the nude. I wonder if this fact made the film so emotionally powerful, as there are studies showing that people are more compassionate and empathic when they see images of naked people as opposed to clothed people. I’ll say no more, I don’t want to spoil it for those who hasn’t seen the film yet.

Nude Year’s Eve photos and new party from YNA!

naturist 0000 Nude Year's Eve 2011 with YNA, New York, NY, USA

So, as I announced briefly before the New Year, I joined Young Nudists&Naturists America as a DJ for their Nude Year’s Eve party. It was my first time to celebrate New Year in the buff at a social event and the first time I was DJing since 2007, so I was very excited!

I was there with my friend Jerry but I got to know a bunch of cool people, including Felicity, the PR of Young Nudists&Naturists America, and a couple of members from Florida Young Naturists, Kathleen and Mark. What they told me about naturist events and activities in Florida made me envious, but it looks like NYC has something to offer too 😉

naturist 0001 Nude Year's Eve 2011 with YNA, New York, NY, USA

Mark seemed to be pretty much into my music.

naturist 0002 Nude Year's Eve 2011 with YNA, New York, NY, USA

‘Music lives on’  – said his tattoo – that’s how we like our dancers 🙂 At some point I had to leave my ‘DJ booth’ (kinda) to join most of the crowd at the roof.

naturist 0003 Nude Year's Eve 2011 with YNA, New York, NY, USA

It was quite chilly, but when I saw that we were right next to Empire State Building, I couldn’t care less about the cold!

naturist 0004 Nude Year's Eve 2011 with YNA, New York, NY, USA

But I had to carry more though, namely Mark, as the roof was full of wet snow and he didn’t have shoes on him.

naturist 0005 Nude Year's Eve 2011 with YNA, New York, NY, USA

Well, I might have missed the Times Square Ball, but being naked on a rooftop next to Empire State Building seemed like a good alternative!

This Saturday night (Feb 19) Young Nudists&Naturists America organize another party at the same spot and I will play a couple of hours set there, hope to see even more people there! Go totheir website to register for the party.