exhibition: Alexander Kargelstev’s Friends and Lovers

The image was taken as a protest against Russia's 'racism and homophobia'

My friend Alexander Kargaltsev has recently made headlines with this image above that was taken as a protest against Russia’s ‘racism and homophobia’.

Kargaltsev's Asylum

I wrote about him and his exhibition about Russian gay asylum seekers in the US more than a year ago, and now he’s staging a new exhibition – “The Last Polaroids: Friends and Lovers” set to open at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York on February 28.

Alexander Kargelstev's Friends and Lovers

Be sure to expect some friendly and lovely nudity, of course.

Alexander Kargelstev's Friends and Lovers

Alexander is also set for a new play, Crematorium:

Putin builds a Crematory in Russia to burn gays. Four couples are picked to test a new machine to turn them straight.

Get tickets here.

6 thoughts on “exhibition: Alexander Kargelstev’s Friends and Lovers

  1. Sad to see whats going on in Russia — I just watched a Nightline News and they had a report on gays in Russia and how they are being beatin up and hated. Now they are fleeing and forced out of their own country– it really makes me sick!!!!!


  2. Thanks again Kirill for a thought-provoking blog post and pictures, as well as the link to the article about the Zhukova photo. I hadn’t heard about that photo. I’m always a bit surprised and saddened to hear about the attitudes of homophobia, racism and xenophobia in Russia whereas back in the early eighties when I visited that country I found the people to be so warm and welcoming, once you got past the official façade, of course. But, sadly enough, there is homophobia, racism and xenophobia in all countries.


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