Active naturists in Berlin


Where are you, young followers of the famous German free body culture, Freikörperkultur (FKK)? Or are you maybe new to it and don’t want to do it alone without friends? Let’s meet more often together in one of numerous locations in and around Berlin that are so good for many naturist activities like swimming, hiking, volleyball, badminton, canuding… Do you have a suggestion? Make a comment here! Let’s just choose a place (for example from our map or this list) and a day with nice weather and have some fun ;) During week-days it is better to go to Tiergarten in the center of the city for relaxed sunbathing (in the center of the city for relaxed sunbathing (in the first half of the day you can also refresh in one of those showers from sprinklers on the lawns throughout the park),  tree climbing or even game sports. The lawns of Tiergarten are perfect for frisbee, badminton and its new faster counterpart speedminton. By the way speedminton was invented in Berlin, so playing it in the centre of the city a la FKK looks very authentic ;-)

Krumme Lanke is also easy to reach by public transport (U3 Krumme Lanke, check also on the map) and is excellent for swimming. Even in March!) There is also a tree bent over the water where you can jump into the water from up to 3-4m. 

Krumme Lanke and Schlachtensee are said to have the cleanest water in Berlin, but Schlachtensee has no beach, which does not matter at night :) 

Another alternative is Teufelsee, which is close to S7 Grunewald, but it is often too packed and the water is rather murky. But there is a floating platform in the middle of the lake, an excellent point for jumps into the water or calm sunbathing. 
And the forest around is full of trails which you can use for biking, and given the vicinity of a naturist beach, why not going to the woods in the buff as well?
And there is also a hill, Teufelsberg, with a nice view over the city.
Heilegersee (S7 Griebntietzsee, then quite a long way by bike, check the map) has nice lawns and park around, with trees that are convenient to climb,  and the views are great when you are swimming. 
Wannsee (S7 and S1 Nikolassee) is famous for its biggest in Europe inland city beach. There is FKK part as well. But if you do not want to pay 4 euro entry and want a lesser crowd, it is better to go to secluded sandy beaches upstream But even there you will be able to buy bratwurst or ice-cream from a floating water kiosk! It is great for playing game sports, also in the water, as it is shallow in the first 30m. It can be great for canuding, as the watersurface is immense like for a city lake!!!
And if you want some touch of wildlife, numerous swans and ducks are waiting for you at Wannsee as well :-)  This August, however, the water was full of algae resulting in intense bright green color.

Although it does not look inviting for a swim but is beautiful in a way.

And finally Müggelsee (S3 Friedrichshagen, then Tram 61), has big naturist sandy beach with a café, washrooms, tables for ping-pong, field for volleyball, and it is free of charge! Too bad I still have not managed to take photos there.

Since the Baltic Sea, is not that far (about 3 hours), Berlin naturists can easily go to the sea beaches of Rostock (Warnemündeor the island of Rügen It has wonderful sandy beaches, which are protected by cliffs at some places.
In winter time there are only two options. One is located rightn in the centre of west Berlin. It is Thermen am Europa Center with different types of saunas including 2 hamams, several pools of different temperatures, and large outdoor terraces with views over some of Berlin’s landmarks like Gedaechtniskirche. The biggest pool, which is partially outdoors, is very warm, however due to its narrow shape in its longest part it is not possible to swim intensively when there are even just few people. But if you go there primarily for relaxation, you definitely will enjoy it! Thermen am Europa Center are open throughout the year, so it can be also a good idea for a chilly summer evening, which is not rare in Berlin either…
Another option is Badeshiff , which from November till the end of March becomes an oasis of warmth with saunas and semi-open-air swimming pool with transparent walls over the Spree River! This not only allows you to enjoy the views up to the tallest city’s landmark – Alex TV-tower – but also to appreciate the warmth of saunas in contrast to the chilly winter weather outside.
However the water in the pool is not warm enough
unless you swim without pauses.
So, stay active!)
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7 Responses to Active naturists in Berlin

  1. balibare says:

    It is open every day. I went in July and was highly disappointed – besides the 16 Euro entry fee, there were MANY people, mostly men of a certain nationality with shorts in the pool, sauna and jacuzzi, staring at naked bodies. Unhygienic and I was annoyed by their presence.

  2. Youngster Viking says:

    I am visiting Berlin in April.
    Are Thermen am Europa and Badeshiff open for naturists everyday?
    Or only some specific days and hours?
    Thank you
    Youngster Viking

  3. robin says:

    great advice , thanks :)

  4. this post has been updated, check out the video of naked speedminton for example :)

  5. u can also contact to us via e-mail shown in the profile. we could maybe meet on wannsee

  6. yes, i think Wannsee is the best, because there is a big variety of places – huge and small beaches, with many and few people. Mueggelsee is also nice for a day trip.And have fun at the Baltic see, Ruegen has excellent sandy beaches! I think we’ll go there for camping next weekend.cheers,kirill

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m going to be in Berlin on Monday – where would you recommend I go to have a day of FKK relaxation? I was thinking of going to the Wannsee but would value your advice.Tuesday-Thursday I am in Rostock and plan on visiting Warnemunde and a day trip to Rugen.From a young(ish) UK naturist

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