Active naturists in Berlin


This blogpost has been replaced with a webpage that has links to all updated entries on naturist options in Berlin!

7 thoughts on “Active naturists in Berlin

  1. It is open every day. I went in July and was highly disappointed – besides the 16 Euro entry fee, there were MANY people, mostly men of a certain nationality with shorts in the pool, sauna and jacuzzi, staring at naked bodies. Unhygienic and I was annoyed by their presence.


  2. Hi
    I am visiting Berlin in April.
    Are Thermen am Europa and Badeshiff open for naturists everyday?
    Or only some specific days and hours?
    Thank you
    Youngster Viking


  3. yes, i think Wannsee is the best, because there is a big variety of places – huge and small beaches, with many and few people. Mueggelsee is also nice for a day trip.And have fun at the Baltic see, Ruegen has excellent sandy beaches! I think we’ll go there for camping next weekend.cheers,kirill


  4. I’m going to be in Berlin on Monday – where would you recommend I go to have a day of FKK relaxation? I was thinking of going to the Wannsee but would value your advice.Tuesday-Thursday I am in Rostock and plan on visiting Warnemunde and a day trip to Rugen.From a young(ish) UK naturist


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