New Nude Yoga class in New York! Nude Yoga retreat is coming to the Woods again

naturist yoga 0002 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

After having maintained a nude yoga group with my friends for almost two years at private locations, we are finally going public. Starting from this Wednesday, we will have a weekly class in Harlem at 9pm with Michael. He is a very experienced and talented yoga instructor, and we are very lucky that he will teach us. He will also join us again for the second yoga retreat at the Woods campground on the first weekend of August 1st-3rd.


Feel free to comment here or contact me by e-mail for more details about the class and retreat. You’re also welcome to just stop by. We are offering $15 per class for frequent visitors who are ready to buy a 10 pack for $150 or single class for $20. As for the retreat, you’re also welcome to just join us at the Woods campground, but if you drive from New York City, we’ll appreciate any carpool options. The retreat is purely donation-based, and all costs will be shared!

naturist yoga 0000 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

Meanwhile, get inspired by these pictures of Michael stretching out at the great Sandy Hook beach!

naturist yoga 0001 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

His routine includes some sophisticated poses and transitions that require advances flexibility,

naturist yoga 0005 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

but don’t worry, he’s a good teacher and will make sure that everyone is comfortable at their level of experience.

naturist yoga 0006 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

The doggy yogi classics is certainly on the menu too.

naturist yoga 0007 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

However, it’s always nice to see something challenging to aspire to.

naturist yoga 0004 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

We also like partner stretches and acro-yoga; below are photos from our spontaneous session last September at Sandy Hook.

naturist yoga 00004 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

Partner exercises turn yoga into an interactive experience

naturist yoga 0009 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

and allow deeper stretches.

naturist yoga 0010 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

Some poses even involve more than 2 partners.

naturist yoga 0011 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

Join our nude yoga group, and your body and mind will thank you!

16 thoughts on “New Nude Yoga class in New York! Nude Yoga retreat is coming to the Woods again

  1. One of my yogis took a pic of me in that same down dog trio. I haven’t received my copy of it. Because I was the smallest I was on top.


  2. Those pictures dispel the myth that men aren’t flexible! Wish I could do even 1/10th of what you’ve pictured! Good luck on the sessions this summer.


  3. Looking forward to your return visit to The Woods Campground! Michael is an awesome instructor – very patient with new to yoga students and very descriptive in what you should be doing and feeling while in each pose.


    1. Hey Woody, but why didn’t you you point out that you changed the dates for the nudist weekend? Let me see if Michael is available for the second weekend of August…


      1. Sorry – it may have changed vs. last season but the 2014 schedule hasn’t changed since January 1st when it was launched.


        1. hmmm maybe I looked at the old schedule; I looked it up in the beginning of the summer and put up the now wrong date back then without checking back you your website…


          1. The rest of your group should still come. We will miss Michael and his yoga, but it’s still a great naked weekend! Although every weekend is clothing optional at The Woods so whenever you come, it will be great!


    2. After some debating our group has decided to come to the Woods on this, nudist-themed, weekend, even though our yoga instructors won’t be able to join. We’ll probably just do some simple sequences, partner stretch and acro-yoga on Saturday afternoon. Perhaps another session on Sunday. However, we will have a dance teacher with us this time, so we could have a workshop on hip-hop/house/break-dance, which are his specialities. I see dance as a celebration of human body in motion, so it only makes more sense to do it naked 😉 How about we have a workshop at the club at 7:30pm before the disco? We’ll have our music, can we just connect it to your sound system?


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