sailing au naturel

Sailing, let along sailing nude, had been in my wish list for a long time, and I could finally realise this dream last spring in Mexico. As I mentioned, Luis couldn’t join me on the trip due to last minute issues, but he still put me in touch with his friend Samuel who had a sailing boat in the port town of Progreso, Yucatan. And there I was, naked on the boat in the open sea! We were also joined by Alex, who contacted me via Couchsurfing, and it was his first naked adventure.


Well, before we could disrobe, we had to navigate out of the port full of yachts and colourful fisher boats.


Then, Alex and I got a brief intro course on seamanship. Steering a sailing boat didn’t sound difficult at all, at least in the good weather; the most difficult part would be navigation in the open sea.


We didn’t plan to go too far, as it was just a day trip, so we kept just one sail out.


Pretty soon, we would only see just a couple of faraway ships besides the endless sky and sea.


There was my other first experience, swimming in the open sea, without seeing a seashore on the horizon.

naturist 0003 sailing near Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

Sunning on the deck was an expected follow-up to that.  SONY DSC

Unfortunately, it was meant to be a short trip, but I definitely got a flavour of what a great feeling of freedom it is to be out there in the sea and just use the power of wind. Nakedness enhanced that feeling even more. I can’t wait to have a another, hopefully longer, sailing trip!

7 thoughts on “sailing au naturel

  1. Looks great – sailing (and swimming) naked is the way to go – I hope the skipper joined you and your couch surfing mate au naturel


  2. You should come down to Miami, during the summertime there’s a naked boat trip twice a month from June to August. We bring food to share with the rest of the naked guests including captain and helper (14 plus crew members) there’s a $75 p/p fee to cover expenses such as the gas of the yacht, etc . It Lasts for the day only but full of unforgettable moments!!


    1. that sounds great! However, fun aside, one aspect that fascinates me about sailing is use of wind, i.e. no dependency on fuel, no pollution. Yachts consume way too much gas


  3. Did it on a “bare boat” no pun – means no crew – out of St Martin for a week, bare, four of us. Fantastic!


  4. Great article and pictures. Too bad you couldn’t convince the other mates to join you. Wife and I had a sail boat years ago and sailing nude was the only way to go. Later when we had a motor boat as soon as we were a 100′ from the dock off came the suits for the rest of the day. Encountering other nude boaters was the norm.


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