Queer Woods of Pennsylvania (part I)

Once, on a hot summer day, we went for a hike in the woods of Delaware Water Gap. We just picked a random trail on the map and had no idea what lied ahead.

Blackberry bushes provided a sweet start! But in about an hour after we left the road, we noticed some houses in the middle of the woods. Who would live there without proper road access??

Right, no one! Those were haunted houses!

What was especially weird that there were some gardening tools and equipment around, as if the settlement was abandoned in haste.

There is definitely an interesting story behind all that, perhaps a car with several bullet holes in the door could provide a clue as to what might have happened…

The door was invitingly open, but I don’t think it is going anywhere!

We left the place puzzled; in a few minutes we were more keen on pretty plants around us,

and soon the trail brought us to the Delaware River.

We couldn’t find a proper trail to get down to it, so we had to go through the bushes and ferns. But we managed to get a nice spot for a lunch break and just needed to make sure we would remember where to go back to the trail.

Wait for the next blogpost, those Pennsylvanian woods will only get queerer 😉

6 thoughts on “Queer Woods of Pennsylvania (part I)

  1. In 1962 the Tocks Island Dam was authorized by the U.S. Congress and in 1965 the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area was authorized. The dam was never build and was later deauthoried. Thousands of private properties were purchased by condemnation. Thus today you will find “abandoned” houses, barns etc on both sides of the Delaware River in the recreation area / park. Randy


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