Act Naturally goes big

One year ago I went to a fundraiser screening of a naturist-themed movie called “Act Naturally” – you can read my short review here. Now it is shown as a part of United Film Festival in Los Angeles, New York and London. The festival is already over in LA, where ‘Act Naturally’ won audience choice award, but you can still buy tickets and see it in New York and London. Act fast, New York show is just 2 days away – Tuesday, the 15th!


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12 Responses to Act Naturally goes big

  1. I purchased the movie on demand on YouTube a few months ago online, it’s a great movie!

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  3. svellecca says:

    Yes he loved it and is getting the level of freedom and acceptance.ill be at Robert Moses lighthouse beach this Saturday

  4. αNaturist says:

    btw you can also see the movie online, if you cannot attend those festivals:

    • Derek the nudist says:

      The link is broken. Do you have another one?

      • αNaturist says:

        it looks like Prescreen will be offline for a while.
        This is what they say:
        Prescreen suspended its initial beta test until further notice. We very much appreciate your interest in our service and hope that you enjoyed your experience with Prescreen.

  5. svellecca says:

    Hey Kirill
    I’m going to see this Tuesday in cobble hill!

  6. svellecca says:

    Hey Kirill
    I’m going Tuesday night to see this in cobble hill!

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