Act naturally

Sorry for not posting much lately, but as usually it is not because I lack fresh material (there is actually plenty of old stuff to be published yet!), but because I haven’t had enough time for updates. But I decided to tease you with a promise to get back to my blog soon, I will continue with other stories from Ukraine, a fresh adventure in South Florida (including Naked Spring Bash with the local group) and more!

But speaking of teasers, in the end of March I went with my friend Christian to watch a sneak preview of the movie called “Act Naturally“. You can see the teaser trailer at their web site. As you can guess, this fiction movie is focused naturist lifestyle and its clash with the ‘outside’ world, which was done in a fresh and entertaining way. The sneak preview was part of a fundraiser events while the producers are trying to release the film on the screens. The turnout was so good, they even had to arrange two extra screenings! Have I mentioned yet that the event was clothing optional? And almost everyone opted for no-clothing, even most of the crew that was present at the preview screening. Here is me with one of the two main actresses.

It was the first public film viewing in the buff for Christian and me, so we were both quite excited, though it wasn’t a real cinema, just an art studio. Having seen so many naturists at the preview made me hopeful that the producer will eventually get enough money to release for the broad audience. In fact, I think the movie would be even more interesting for people that are not familiar with naturist lifestyle. They show life in a nudist colony (which isn’t an eye-opener for naturists themselves) and how two “outsider” women, who unexpectedly inherited the resort, struggled with accepting the lifestyle. Their “gymnophobia” – fear of being (seen) naked/seeing others naked – and a bit too self-conscious attitude to their bodies is something many people may relate to, and in the end they were much more relaxed about that, so I hope the movie will be released soon and many people will see it!

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