beach near Rio de Janeiro


Abrico beach (Praia de Abricó) is one of surprisingly few official naturist beaches in South America. Located in a protected area of Rio de Janeiro, it is one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches of the city. The crowd is very diverse, especially on weekends, when local families come too. Proximity to Rio de Janeiro makes it quite packed on weekends, with some nude sport activities organized by Associação naturista da Praia de Abricó.

Is is really nice you can keep yourself active outside water, because often the waves are too strong 26552321306_7d7cdd567b_z_d

and the water is unexpectedly cold for long swimming. On weekdays, there are fewer people, but more freedom to roam around in the buff!

naturist 0000 praia Abrico, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Among few other nudists you are likely to be accompanied just by these giant birds 8D

view 0001 praia Abrico, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Well, they are just white egrets 🙂

But in any case, you are guaranteed with a magnificent view of the bright blue ocean and two tropical islands!

view 0000 praia Abrico, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


The plants vary from cacti of all forms and sizes, bromelias and agaves, growing on the rocks,

view 0003 praia Abrico, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

to palm trees, hibiscuses and many other tropical trees.

view 0004 praia Abrico, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

If you stay till dark, the air might be filled with sparkling bugs, a fabulous view.
The cheapest way to go to Abrico Beach from Copacabana (or in any location near sea on South Zone) is to take bus 175 (Barra da Tijuca or Recreio) or S-20 (Recreio) on Atlantica Avenue (except sundays), in Copacabana, (on sundays you can get the buses on Barata Ribeiro street) (from Ipanema you must take the bus on Vieira Souto Avenue or in Leblon, in Delfim Moreira Avenue) and get off in front of Barra Shopping (center), in Barra da Tijuca. Then take the bus 702 or 703 (Recreio) and take off in front of Condomonio MARAMAR. Go to the way up side the sea, through Prainha. When go down in Grumari, look to the ocean and go to the left. Abrico beach is behind big stones. Instead of getting off the bus in front of MARAMAR residences you can do it in front of RECREIO SHOPPING CENTER (bus 175 also goes there, but keep your eye on which color line it belongs to (yellow or red) when you go back, better ask the driver if it goes to Ipanema!), and then take a taxi to Abrico Beach for approximately 10 reais, but also keep in mind that the taxi is not so numerous in that area, especially for the return, but locals may give you a lift.

naturist 0000 praia do Abrico, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

7 thoughts on “beach near Rio de Janeiro

  1. I would love to receive some more information on the Portuguese Naturist Beaches and Resorts please, Cheers your new Aussie Mate Shayne


  2. I’m going to go here on Friday. It looks amazing. Is it safe on weekdays do you know?
    Thanks for your amazing news on your travels btw.


    1. oh nice! I love that beach! on my trip to Rio, I went there twice, once was during weekday. I don’t see why it should be not safe. It just was pretty empty


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