New activity proposed for naturists

Active Naturists are proud to present new activity for naturists, that combines fun, physical activity and health benefits. There are already several groups in New York City that offer naked yoga classes – clearly good for your body, but not everyone gets the joy of keeping that downward dog pose after long day at work, and it lacks interactive aspect. Naked body painting events are on the rise too, but is it good for your health? Certainly not, if you use latex-based paints, and even more so, if you consider alcohol consumption that usually accompanies those parties. For this reason, we’ve found something that has it all: naked mud wrestling!

It’s obviously interactive. It’s a strenuous physical exercise for the whole body! Finally, mud is good for your skin nourishing it with essential elements, and who better than naturists value their skin? While wrestling, you will do the job of rubbing it in too. However, if that wasn’t enough, we’ve decided to go even further and bring even more health benefits by adding freshly squeezed garlic to the mud! Just read about 7 amazing benefits of garlic, and you will understand why! Here is the summary:

  • Garlic has large amount of allicin present in it and allicin has antifungal, anti-aging and skin smoothing benefits. It is also known to increase antioxidant levels of the skin and body.
  • Sulphur present in garlic prevents infections and helps in reducing inflammation. It also enhances blood flow thus giving the skin a natural glow

And what is #1 of 13 surprising benefits of garlic? (BTW this gives garlic total of 20 benefits, amazing!)

Garlic could end your hair loss problems because of its high levels of allicin, a sulfur compound similar to that found in onions, which were found to effectively treat hair loss.

So, we expect our classes to be equally popular and beneficial among young ladies who want to keep their skin smooth and elderly men who want to prevent hair loss, and anyone in between!

We are starting regular classes in New York city first, and then hopefully the trend will catch up in the rest of the world. At the moment, we can only offer morning classes, and unfortunately there are no showers at the venue, but we are working on expanding our facilities. Please contact us by e-mail or comment here if you’d like to attend. First 10 get free class!

Sea is the cradle of life, not a trash bin!

I already complained about butts on the beach (of course I mean cigaret butts), as some people think it’s totally fine to throw them in the sand, but this cartoon will hopefully make you think twice if you want to throw some garbage in the sea itself.

It was kind of painful to see a plastic bag floating at the coral reef in the Red Sea in Israel, and that was one of the cleanest waters I have swum!

NO BUTTS on the beach!

We’ve been writing a lot here about all those wonderful beaches and other places to hang out naked, but there is one thing that often bothers us: garbage, especially cigarette butts!

Isn’t it strange, that so many people are able to bring food and beverages to the beach but are not able to take empty plastic bags and bottles with them?
And it is really annoying to lie down in the sand/on the rocks after a refreshing swimming session and smell tobacco instead of the clear sea air. As if inhaling the smoke from neighboring smokers is not enough, some of them seem to find it totally normal to throw cigarette butts just around them.
Or they think that the holes in the rocks are perfect natural ashtrays.
Please, if you do so, try to think again, whether it’s ok for environment and your neighbors!
All butts are welcome at the beach, but not those of cigarettes 😉