looking forward to NYC but…

So I am in the Big Apple now for a job interview and it’s almost sure now that I can get the job… One thing that really concerns me is rent for apartments here…

Then, tomorrow I would like to go to some naturist beach in the area, which would be either Gunnison Bay or on Fire Island, but such a trip costs 40 bucks at least! It’s certainly not something I’d do every weekend if I lived here! Nothing like going to an FKK place after work in Berlin, or a single bus ride to a nude beach in Athens

PS By the way I’ll make a post summarizing naturist places around Athens soon, keep in touch!

NO BUTTS on the beach!

We’ve been writing a lot here about all those wonderful beaches and other places to hang out naked, but there is one thing that often bothers us: garbage, especially cigarette butts!

Isn’t it strange, that so many people are able to bring food and beverages to the beach but are not able to take empty plastic bags and bottles with them?
And it is really annoying to lie down in the sand/on the rocks after a refreshing swimming session and smell tobacco instead of the clear sea air. As if inhaling the smoke from neighboring smokers is not enough, some of them seem to find it totally normal to throw cigarette butts just around them.
Or they think that the holes in the rocks are perfect natural ashtrays.
Please, if you do so, try to think again, whether it’s ok for environment and your neighbors!
All butts are welcome at the beach, but not those of cigarettes 😉