Villa Roca hotel and beach Macha in Costa Rica


naturist 0000 Villa Roca hotel, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Costa Rica may be among the world’s top destinations for naturalists but unfortunately not for naturists: even though the climate is certainly appropriate for walking around au naturel, legally it is forbidden. However, there is a couple of clothing-optional resorts/hotels. Three of such locations that I found online are strictly for couples only, so the fourth one, Villa Roca hotel – for “gays, lesbians and their friends” – actually sounds more inclusive!

It’s located in Quepos village by the popular national park and beach Manuel Antonio. The hotel itself is not at the beach, but you have an amazing view from up there – you almost feel like you could glide from that infinity pool above the forest and on to the Pacific Ocean (even more so infinite).

naturist 0001 Villa Roca hotel, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

The hotel is not clothing-optional throughout, but you can be naked around the pool and hot tubs. Those were perfect for relaxing after our long hikes (hint for the upcoming blogpost ;-)) One of the hot tubs is down by a long staircase and hidden away from the rest of the hotel, so it’s particularly peaceful… and perhaps your only company will be this little dragon.

basilisk 0000 Villa Roca hotel, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

This was the most impressive specimen of a basilisk I had seen! This lizard is famous for its ability to run on water (but I guess he’s not allowed at the pool).

basilisk 0001 Villa Roca hotel, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

It was somewhat even more peculiar to see cows at the beach though – somehow those two don’t come together very often!

cows 0000 beach, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Well, that’s Cows’ Beach for you 😉

cows 0001 beach, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

So yes, of course we weren’t just hanging out by the pool – beaches are the main attraction in Quepos. The main beach of Manuel Antonio is really beautiful, but unfortunately you cannot be naked anywhere there… Not anymore – there actually used to be a section with nudists – Playita, but when a big hotel was built in the area, they started policing the beach once in a while. I surfed there but didn’t get to do it naked and didn’t see anyone else naked 😦 Hence we headed to a more secluded location – playa La Macha.

naturist 0001 playa Mancha, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Cows’ Beach is the first cove on the way there, but as you can see on the photos, it is really reserved for cows! After you walk through the jungle by not very well maintained but short trail, you’ll be rewarded with this hidden gem:

view beach 0000 playa Mancha, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

A calm and picturesque cove with shallow and warm water, surrounded by the forest.

view beach 0001 playa Mancha, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

There is plenty of natural shade, and one tree proved to be quite cozy to seat on too!

naturist 0000 playa Mancha, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

This a great place, if you want some quiet time for conversations with friends or reading… only interrupted for some swimming!

Thermen am Europa Center (and Winter Badeschiff) – amazing saunas in Berlin

We continue with Berlin series (it’s not over yet!), and here is something for winter time, and looking at the calendar – particularly suitable for Valentine’s Day, if you’re up for a hot date… Literally! I’m talking about two of my favourite saunas in Berlin (one of them doesn’t seem to be open this winter, however).

Thermen am Europa Center is located in the centre of Berlin. It’s easy to see why I loved it, with multiple types of saunas including 2 hamams, several pools of different temperatures, and large outdoor terraces with views over some of Berlin’s landmarks like Gedaechtniskirche.

naturist 0000 Thermen am Europa, Berlin, Germany


The biggest pool goes partially outdoors and is very warm. Due to the narrow shape of its outdoors part though, don’t expect to do laps when there’s more than a couple of people. But if you go there primarily for relaxation, you will definitely get it! Thermen am Europa Center is open throughout the year, so it can be also a good idea for a chilly summer evening, which is not a rare thing in Berlin either…

Well, the description below, is for historic reference, as of now… hopefully they’ll reopen it next winter!

Another option is was Badeshiff , which from November till the end of March becomes used to turn into an oasis of warmth with saunas and partially open-air swimming pool with transparent walls over the Spree River! This not only allows-ed you to enjoy the views, up to the tallest city landmark – Alex TV-tower

naturist 0000 Winter Badeschiff, Berlin, Germany

– but also to appreciate the warmth of saunas in contrast to the chilly winter weather outside.
naturist 0002 Winter Badeschiff, Berlin, Germany

However the water in the pool could be warmer

unless you’d swim intensely 🙂

But why not, keep yourself active in winter too, and you’ll enjoy the sauna even more!

naturist 0001 Winter Badeschiff, Berlin, Germany