Naturism? Forget it!

Well guys, after having tried to revive my blog at wordpress for a little more than a year, I think I am going to close my blog, because I’ve realised that naturism is plain stupid, and it’s not worth the effort. I don’t know what’s been wrong with me…

First of all, I don’t understand how one could even think of uncovering their bodies. Obviously, a human body is one of the scariest things in the universe! That’s why plain nudity is forbidden on YouTube and is listed together with drug abuse and violence among the main factors for movie ratings…
Dr Manhattan
Because people, especially children, may be horrified by the sight of a human body uncovered!
And even if you are a brave one and have decided to see someone naked, don’t expect to see anything good! Why do you think we buy clothes to our beloved as a present?
Because we want to cover them with as much clothes as possible! And better all at the same time!

And that is why all celebrities are fighting against paparazzi who take pictures of them when they are naked on vacations  

Orlando Bloom naked with Katy Perry

or at home…

Brad Pitt naked

As then we may see how ugly they are and shall never want to see them again, no make up would help!

Madonna nude
And of course, if paparazzi do find your naked pics, you can forget about politics!
Arnold Schwarzenegger naked
And naturism is also boring! You can’t really do anything without clothes. Well, you can sunbathe. They say the first Olympics were done in the buff, but who would sponsor the athletes if they couldn’t wear sport brands? And isn’t it just nice to feel your body sweat in the clothes? You should try it next time you’re on a beach!
Naturism is against our civilization! You need parks and beaches for naturism. Instead, we could build more parkings and hotels!
Enough said