keep Tambaba free!!!

There was a documentary about the best naturist beaches, and one of them was a piece of paradise in Brazil called Tambaba. One episode showed capoeiristas playing this beautiful martial art naked at that beach naked.

Then, there is also a naked surfing contest at Tambaba beach,
so needless to say, it’s among my dream destinations to visit! Well, apparently it’s not only in my top list, the World Congress of Naturism was held there in 2008.
But now, their website says that there is a threat from the local government and the people who run the naturist retreat there are struggling to keep Tambaba beach free! I mean free for those who want to enjoy that Eden-like place in the Eden fashion.
So I’m asking all my brazilian readers to go to the web site and sign up to preserve the beach for naturists!
Here is another video about Tambaba in Portuguese.

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