Gymnasium theme camp will be at a prime location at Burning Man!

I’ve got two very nice (to say the least) emails from Burning Man: my ticket has been shipped, and, even more excitingly for all of us – our camp, Gymnasium, has been placed! – and placed in the best location we asked for: 7:30 Portal & Arcade, i.e. right by the esplanade and at a very busy entrance point, not far from the Center Camp (you can see Black Rock City map here). This is truly a fantastic news, as this prime location will provide us with good traffic and attendance of our events for bigger impact; and overall we should see this news as a sign of trust in our idea.

So, if you go to Burning Man, make sure to stop by – now you know where to find us! It’s not too late to join our camp either – just send an e-mail or leave a comment here, and we’ll get in touch with you. Hopefully, you’ve got your tickets already, as we don’t have any extra, and actually a few of our crew need tickets too. (So if anyone has a spare one, please let us know!) Once again, you can read about our camp’s philosophy on its webpage.

7 thoughts on “Gymnasium theme camp will be at a prime location at Burning Man!

  1. Hey there! I’d love to meet up in the Adirondacks with you guys if you can make it up this summer. I know lots of good spots to camp, hike, and swim!


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