Burning Man!

It looks like this year I am finally going to Burning Man!

I heard about it for the first time years ago from Los Angeles-based Ukrainian woman on a bus in Berlin. She first asked me for directions, and then we were talking about random stuff, and all of a sudden she said I should check out Burning Man. I don’t know how, but she knew I would love the idea of a festival that celebrates everything peaceful and artsy and where nudity is seen as a part of freedom of self-expression.

Needless to say, it’s been on my wish list ever since. Strangely enough, I was reminded about Burning Man once again by a random encounter at a subway station in New York, by a guy who asked for directions… and he happened to be from my native Ukraine as well. It was last September and he just got back from Burning Man, full of impressions.

Last year was the first time when the organizers had to limit the amount of tickets and it was quickly sold out. This year, they tried a new lottery system for selling tickets, and I was among the lucky ones who got the tickets! Yay!!! A lot of things will have to be organized in terms of logistics, but it will be a lot of fun 😎

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