Bare Burro naked 5K run

When I wrote about fun and active naked events this spring across the US, I forgot to include a naked running race in Southern California that certainly meets the criteria: Bare Burro 5K Run at Olive Dell Ranch this Sunday, 19th! Now, that my friend Don has sent me a video he produced to promote the event, I’m racing to share it with you!

Good luck and have fun!

8 thoughts on “Bare Burro naked 5K run

  1. Check out this nude Japanese art class:

    Seriously, if you people think you can look at stuff like this without thinking about sex, then you are homosexuals (or women). It is completely unrealistic to think you can do this stuff around heterosexual men and call it “innocent”. Stop lying.


    1. sorry, but first of all how is this related to a 5K run race? I don’t know if anyone claimed that art class “innocent”, so I have not idea who you accuse in lying. Please comment to the point


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