wandering at Ostia Antica, inspired by Ancient Greek statues

Happy Nude Year! Here is a treat for you, and hopefully some inspiration for the New Year! It would probably be more appropriate to post something winter-themed, like my Russian banya with an ice hole experience, but hey, it’s summer in Southern Hemisphere, and then there are parts of the world where it’s summer all the time, so here is something neutral, another collection of autumn photos. This one has been waiting to be published for a few years now, but it’s well worth a wait. Special thanks to Joe for photography.

naturist 0002 Ostia Antica, Rome, Italy

Ancient Greece, with its deep traditions of nudity in sports and other activities, has been an obvious inspiration for this website (look at out Gymnasion section), just like it was many ways inspirational to Romans. So, when we visited Ostia Antica, a large archeological site, which was the location of the harbour city of ancient Rome, we were tempted to do some nude photography with such a beautiful background and mild sunlight of late October.

naturist 0000 Ostia Antica, Rome, Italy

I rarely pose in front of sites of interest, unless I want to send a picture to my relatives and friends, or if it is for my blog 😉

naturist 0001 Ostia Antica, Rome, Italy

As there weren’t many other visitors, we seized the chance and took quite a lot of nude photos, I was pretending to be a statue that became alive…

naturist 0005 Ostia Antica, Rome, Italy

Only other statues could see us.

naturist 0003 Ostia Antica, Rome, Italy

We’ll have only more stories to share in the New Year, a couple of adventure trips are already in the pipeline. Have a great 2014 too!

21 thoughts on “wandering at Ostia Antica, inspired by Ancient Greek statues

  1. How nice that you could have the place pretty much to yourselves, that it wasn’t crawling with tourists. I really appreciate your highlighting such spots.


  2. just curious.do you ever had boner and how you manage your daily activity such as bathing, shaving and grooming?


      1. hahaha… just wondering as when you are in deserted area how could it be when nature’s call? Are there any shots showing daily activities in deserted area.


  3. the scenery of the places are really beautiful. So great. Perfect shot, perfect pose and perfect angle.Thumbs up.


    1. you are right, Ancient Greeks did not practice circumcision by any means. I’m glad this is the only dissimilarity with Ancient Greek statues you’ve pointed out, so I take it as a compliment 😉


  4. magnifiques photos que l’empereur Adrien aurait j’en suis certain beaucoup aimé !Tu as eu de la chance de pouvoir poser ainsi, les italiens ne sont pas très naturistes


  5. As usual, great photos! You look so natural and so comfortable being naked outdoors. Hope to see you at The Woods Campground, Pennsylvania in 2014. Nudist themed weekends will be June 20, 21 & 22 and August 8, 9 & 10.


  6. Excellent reference for photographers and great images, my naked blogging brother! Best wishes for all of 2014! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂


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