body art at Times Square

US is often portrayed as a pretty uptight nation, but luckily there are people who challenge this view. One of them is the artist Andy Golub. He creates body art at landmark locations of New York City. Body painting in this case not only serves as an art act but also promotes body acceptance, i.e. it helps people to see human body as something normal and nothing to be ashamed of (as oddly, as it sounds – how come that we actually need that?). As you may know from my blog, I feel very comfortable naked, and I have been to numerous events that involved full body painting, but doing it at Times Square brings it to the next level.

naturist 0000 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

When I arrived there, Andy Golub and his team had already been painting several people for a couple of hours… surrounded by dozens of onlookers. I guess for all models it took some time to get used to be in the centre of attention, but the general atmosphere of fun and encouragement made it easy to enjoy it! This is definitely a good exercise for your confidence😉

naturist 0001 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

I couldn’t wait to join the fun and get painted. What colours would I get?

paints 0007 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

Finally, it was my turn, and Andy brought me to his assistants – Gypsy Twins, as they called themselves.

naturist 0002 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

Andy gave them an idea as to how he envisioned me painted, and there I was getting covered in gold. First, I kept my shorts on, to make the transition less ‘shocking’ to the audience, but not for too long😀

naturist 0003 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

I don’t think I’ve ever been that shiny!

naturist 0004 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

Then, it was time for face. It was quite contrasting to the rest of the body, but regardless, it felt almost hypnotic to get my face painted by both twins simultaneously.

naturist 0005 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

After that, the master himself was about to paint me.

naturist 0008 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

It took him a moment to get an idea,

naturist 0009 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

and shortly, a black pattern was emerging on my chest.

naturist 0010 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

All this time, I and the rest of the models were constantly being photographed by the crowd and Andy Golub’s crew. Most of the photos in this blogpost are courtesy of Arthur.

naturist 0011 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

After we were done with painting, it was the time for photo shoots.

naturist 0006 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

Needless to say, most of the audience loved it, someone provided his skateboard as a stage for one of our models.

naturist 0015 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

I’m not generally into posing, but the fellow model Sky got me inspired.

naturist handstand 0018 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

When else could I do a naked handstand at Times Square? I didn’t want to miss that opportunity!

naturist 0012 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

Obviously, many people were curious about what was happening, and you could see all kinds of reactions but almost all were positive. Many people were surprised to find out it was totally legal. It was funny to hear that even when people were baffled at first, they immediately approved the event as soon as they heard the magic word ‘art’ – why are we so attached to labels?

naturist 0013 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

Luckily, some people noticed another important aspect of this body art event – the models were of different ages and body complexions, which certainly promoted body acceptance.

naturist 0014 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

And could there be any better place for that than Times Square?

naturist 0016 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

The Statue of Liberty obviously approved that! Would there be liberty without nudity, and would there be art without nudes? (I know, someone else already said that.)

naturist 0017 body paint art, Times Square, New York, NY, USA

Thus, despite the ban on clothes-free recreation at some Fire Island beaches this year and nudity ban in San Francisco, success of the World Naked Bike Ride in NYC this year, and now body art performances in landmark locations in Manhattan by Andy Golub give us hope!

PS Andy is planning more similar acts, so keep your eyes open!

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21 Responses to body art at Times Square

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  4. gracefulas says:

    So inspirational – glad that such an event is now legal there!

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  6. αNaturist says:

    I forgot to add this pretty good article from NBC that was inspired by this body art event:

  7. αNaturist says:

    For Immediate Release

    Cutting Edge Artist to Paint a Sea of Nude Models in Times Square
    New York, NY, August 26, 2013

    In an unprecedented event, twenty-five nude people of all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities will volunteer to be bodypainted by artist provocateur Andy Golub on Tuesday, August 27.

    This pageantry of people will be a historic day for New York City public art and a celebration of body acceptance and freedom of artistic expression.

    VIDEO: 10 Painted Models
    In 2011, Golub was arrested for bodypainting nude models in public. Charges were dropped under a nighttime only restriction. With the help of the NYCLU, this restriction was recently removed. Golub is now free to paint fully nude models, male and female in the public streets of New York City at any time of day.

    For more information on this event or on Golub’s new book, “Only in New York”
    contact Andy Golub at or 845-480-3330

    photo: Arthur Eisenberg

    What: Cutting Edge Artist to Paint a Sea of Models
    When: Tuesday, August 27, 2:00-6:00PM
    Where: Broadway between 47-48 Streets, NYC
    Contact: For interview and photo opportunities, please contact Andy Golub at or 845-480-3330

  8. David says:

    Dude , you really have balls . I can’t really get my head around the notion that nude / art are acceptable parameters but outside of that not so much . I like the nudes that Lucien Freud painted that don’t elevate the body to perfect proportions but are still “realistic ” . Using the body as a canvas like that makes me think of the primitive art of the Africans and Indians . and what it might mean . Anyway , thank you for posting the pictures they’re really beautiful .

  9. JJ says:

    Truly an amazing event…..with that handstand you must of felt ‘on top of the world’!!

  10. David Asset says:

    Incredible photos and I wish you had told us in advance. I would have loved to have been there. How did you get home? Tell me you didn’t take the subway.

    • αNaturist says:

      hah, good question! no, I didn’t take subway. Actually, in the last two years, I have hardly used subway at all – I get around by bike everywhere in NYC

  11. Finally body freedom in Manhattan!

  12. Josh Alberman says:

    Hi Loved the Times Square piece!

    Thanks for all the posts.

    Next Sunday, the 25 – I’ll be going to Philadelphia for the Naked Bike Ride – which Has being great this past 3 years!

    Are you going?



    Sent from my iPhone

  13. Reblogged this on home clothes free and commented:
    Great report of this body positive event in the Big Apple

  14. Royce & Lars says:

    Hi All what a great event, we wish we were there, Maria should ignore the Rude letter writers, she looks like a very nice lady, We still don’t get the problem the world has with the human body??
    Keep up the Great work, Hope to see you in OZ, sometime soon.

    Cheers Royce & Lars

  15. Josh says:

    Have you ever been to Provincetown, Cape Cod, Martha Vineyard? In Massachusetts? I’m going this weekend and looking for some natural activities.

  16. Steven says:

    You are quote possibly the coolest person in the world

  17. αNaturist says:

    see an article by Young Naturists America about this event:
    They cite a fat-shaming letter that one of the models received, unfortunately:-/

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