“Bouncing Buns” 7k Trail Race in PA and 10 mile Summer Solstice Hike in VT next week

In the season of the World Naked Bike Ride across the Northern Hemisphere, there is another chance for active naturists to become also naturist activists: Bouncing Buns 7k Trail Race in Pennsylvania for American Cancer Society on the 22nd of June, Saturday next week! 7km is the longest distance that I’ve seen for a naked or clothing-optional race (correct me, if I’m wrong), it’s good to be challenged, moreover for a good cause. Well, last year, I passed the challenge pretty well, coming in third! It looks like this time I will go with several people, so competition grows even among my buddies! I hope to see some of my readers there too.

The event is organized by Pretzel City Sports and you can register for the race at their website. Your $30 registration fee will support American Cancer Society, and afterwards you get an opportunity to hang out at Sunny Rest naturist resort, where the trail race will take place. It’s a great opportunity to run just the way you like. The event is clothing optional, and we’ll certainly opt for the style of the [original] Olympic runners 😉 Also, if you have any doubts about running naked, have a look at my brief overview that links running and our naturally naked (furless) body from an evolutionary perspective – I hope it’ll make sense to you.

Also, I was asked to remind about the traditional Summer Solstice Hike in Vermont by its organiser Ed. I haven’t taken part in this one, but it sounds really great:

“A group of us gets together to celebrate the Summer Solstice on the The Appalachian Trail in Vermont. It’s on Fri, June 21st and anyone is welcome to join us. This is a 10 mile hike with plenty of photo ops, a swim in Little Rock Pond and maybe camping overnight. We meet at the parking lot on USFS #10 at 9AM. This road is off of US Rte 7 in Danby. From the south you take a right onto Brooklyn Ave, cross over the railroad tracks and drive for a boy 4 miles and the parking lot is on the right where the AT crosses. Here is a pic of the swim in Little Rock Pond.”


If you have any further questions, ask Ed by email.

2 thoughts on ““Bouncing Buns” 7k Trail Race in PA and 10 mile Summer Solstice Hike in VT next week

  1. I’d love to try the 7K, not sure if I can make it next week. Just visited the race website, looks like a nice location to visit besides race.
    Thanks for the info.


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