Nudity ban passed in San Francisco

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Nudity ban passed in San Francisco

I was quite surprised to find out that many people didn’t take it seriously, thinking that it wouldn’t happen, ‘not in San Francisco’. Now it has happened. Mind you, it all started with a law that required naked people to put a piece of fabric or a newspaper when seated in public places just about a year ago. Obviously, they didn’t plan to stop on that. What’s next? And we’re talking about the ‘most liberal city’ in the country that positions itself as a stronghold of democracy…

6 thoughts on “Nudity ban passed in San Francisco

  1. Very sad that one of the last bastions of the freedom to be as nature or God created you has fallen! Just another step of cutting down the freedom of people. In a free world the state should not interfere and tell someone what and how to dress. I suppose issues like these (see link) will arise now far more until we all fall back into the complex triggered by the judeo-christian institutions of perceiving our naked bodies as evil and sinful. A side effect of people accepting their bodies as sinful and harmful might very well be a diminished will and power to stand up for their rights. People burdened with complexes are far easier to be put in place and controlled. Freedom of expression has been cut down, which is a step towards monotonising the plurality of a society, which (the plurality) is a fundamental key stone of a free democratic society. The ancient motto “e pluribus unum” adopted and adapted by the US – “the land of the free” – has most certainly suffered from this attack.


  2. When a public nude beach loses its legal status, its because of some jerks who think it’s fine to have sex in front of anyone who’s there. The law cracks down. I’ve seen pictures on the Internet of nude guys performing sex acts on the streets of San Francisco — thanks to them, this kind of ban happens. A few ruin something for the many.


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