World Naked Bike Ride NYC 2012 – [modest] success!

So, two weeks ago it happened after all! I was really worried about how the NYC edition of the World Naked Bike Ride would go, as last year, more-than-necessary police presence scared the participants, so no one even dared to get naked. This year was quite an improvement in this respect, even though only several tens of people of showed up. For whatever reason, there was no intervention whatsoever, and the ride went totally smooth.

It started with some speeches from the organizers with the iconic Manhattan skyline on the background.

I couldn’t believe it, but right after we took off, one guy disrobed totally. Obviously, I couldn’t help doing the same. He turned out to be from Portland, where WNBR attracts thousands and most of participants are naked, so he rightfully pointed out that was actually why it was called ‘naked bike ride’.

Well, yeah, maybe in Portland and most of the Western world, but I had to explain that NYC was somewhat difficult. But there I was, riding naked through the streets of New York.

Soon, the leader joined the naked team,

and even more people followed.

After Williamsburg, we headed to East Village,


and Lower East Side. We weren’t as many as we’d like to, but we still filled the road for about half of the block. And we definitely attracted a lot of attention from the crowd!

When we stopped at the crossings,

or even while riding, we were asked by pedestrians and drivers alike what it was all about. I tried to explain in two words, but hopefully many did their search online afterwards so that awareness about cycling in the city would spread.

One of the important points was stopping by BP gas station, still symbolic as one of the major pollutants after the spill in Mexican Gulf.

Unfortunately, we didn’t go through main sights of New York City, like most of the naked rides do in other cities, but we did encounter some sightseeing buses, and I bet it the highlight of their tour.

Well, I hope next year we’ll cover more areas of Manhattan – to get more people involved, interested, alerted – but also for the fun of it. Isn’t it just awesome to have a group bike tour through NYC, and on tope of it in the buff?

Before heading out to the after party, we had one last naked stop in the park. I wish we could have a party in the park like it was in Madrid, but I feel that would be too risky in NYC.

PS thanks to the reporter from Village Voice for nice coverage (and yes, he was fully covered). I’ve used some of his photos.

8 thoughts on “World Naked Bike Ride NYC 2012 – [modest] success!

  1. NYC, the “Capitol of the World”…what a farce!
    Nudity here is a giggle sport.
    “Tee-hee-hee. I see his pee-pee!”

    I did this ride a few years ago completely nude. I decorated my bike with signs of protest,,,,No one else did!
    When the cops harrassed me (knocking me off my bike) the rest of the “oil conscious pretenders” just watched and traveled on!
    NO ONE stopped to stand with me!

    I went home ashamed that I was pert of this childish misadventure.

    People of NEW TORK CITY;
    Grow yourselves up then grow yourselves BALLS.


  2. As someone who lives in a very repressive part of Australia, I understand the problems, and cheer you on at every sign of hope!


  3. Great photos! I live in NC near a military base so there would never be the chance of having a Naked Bike Ride here. Even if I didn’t live near the troops, I doubt if anything like that would happen. Maybe in Charlotte; they seem a little more progressive than the rest of the state. So it’s pretty frustrating to try to find a guy to go nude hiking or biking with.


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