Naked at the museum?

Last Thursday, the Museum of Sex in New York held a special night event that was supposed to be clothing-optional and was even promoted by Young Naturists America group. The ad looked to me rather fetish related, so I didn’t go and apparently didn’t miss much, as according to YNA report no one actually got naked. While many supporters of YNA were somewhat baffled that they promoted the event, I hope their presence raised awareness about nudism.

But I would be much happier if museums allowed clothing-optional visits on regular basis; especially, it would fit to watching antiquities and art from tropical cultures. And modern art? Probably too! By the way, if you’re in Australia you have a great possibility to do that in the end of the month: Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney will have 3 days when you can visit it without clothes! This is what they say:

Gain a new perspective on the current MCA exhibitions by viewing them entirely nude. Remove the material barriers between artist and audience (literally) when you join artist Stuart Ringholt’s tour followed by a nude reception.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? I wish them success and perhaps MoMA will follow the example 😉

7 thoughts on “Naked at the museum?

  1. I’m going to the Museum of Contemporary Art nude tour in Sydney. Can’t wait. Although Sydney’s weather has just turned chilly. I hope the place is warmed up!


  2. Hey, the MoS event was never supposed to be clothing-optional, sorry about any confusion there! I wouldn’t call it a fetish party either, but it’s the Museum of Sex so there were sex exhibits to look at and “sexy” stuff. I did see that bit about the museum in Sydney and thought it was awesome! I agree, there should be more opportunity for the viewers to be nude while visiting museums and art galleries 🙂


    1. ah ok, I somehow assumed it would be clothing optional and a couple of friends of mine thought so too. So maybe you could try to organize something like that in the near future 😉 I would definitely go then!


  3. Hey there
    I’m loving the blog and learning new places in new York to go nude.
    Do you have a mailing list for nude social events or local beach spa trips in new York?
    Really trying to develop a nudist social circle since I mostly go
    To sandy hook and Robert Moses on my own.
    Feel free to find me on Facebook
    Thanks!!! Hope to hear from you


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