Facebook censorship?

Last week my website saw a huge increase in the number of page views and the major reference site was Facebook. Yesterday the figures dropped and Facebook was not in the list of reference sites anymore. Now I wanted to send a message with the link to http://activenaturists.net to my friend, but got a message that this link is blocked by Facebook as spam! Can anyone tell me what it all means?

5 thoughts on “Facebook censorship?

  1. Tried posting https://activenaturists.net/ on our FB page and nothing showed up.

    Just guessing, but anyone can report a FB page as obscene or as spamming without proving cause. FB automatically does the rest. Our FB Page has been blocked a couple of times for no reason, and currently can’t post anywhere on FB except our own page, with no notice or explanation given. It’s just FB’s little way of appeasing the bluenose public, they don’t really care about content. Good luck, FB is a great source for providing site visitors.


    1. thanks for your input! that’s probably how it happened. I also heard that Florida Young Naturists group was blocked for one year. So do you know any way around it? Facebook was indeed a great source for providing visitors. Though I am not sure I want to collaborate with them with those stupid rules…


  2. Dear Friend;
    I admire the freedom you have. Blieve you me, if I could have even 1 percent of your freedom of mind, body and soul, I will exit this world contented.
    Your free-will and honesty i believe – is now encountering censorship in the first degree. I f you could send a kind of censorship shield software, like the one adverticed on facebook to counter website denial of service to so many of your friends, then, this could be the answer.
    For my self, I cannot download this free software as it is blocked by the authority to where I am.


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