Starkers! On London’s naked disco and erections at naturist locations

London’s Naked Disco ‘Starkers’ is quite a sought-after event, but I heard a lot of contradictory opinios about it, so I was very eager to visit it. I must say I really enjoyed it, and whenever I have a possibility I’ll go there again. But this visit made me think of what people call naturism and a naturist club. So, why did I enjoy it? Because I love dancing and being naked is natural to me, and there, I could do both at the same time; the atmosphere was absolutely liberating, and the music on the dance floor was good (house of early 2000s), I thanked the DJ in the end 🙂 But perhaps for some, the atmosphere there is too liberating. And this is where many people disagree about Starkers. So, it often seems that naturists try to separate naturism from any association with sexual activities; then Starkers is not a naturist venue. But if we accept that naturists are humans like any other and may get erections (male ones, of course), then it is a naturist club [as any other night club, it is of course an adult-only venue]. On the one hand, I find it normal that like in any other night club, people flirt there. And as a result of it, or for whatever else reason, you can see a few men with hard or semi-hard penises… Don’t you think this happens also in regular [clothed] clubs, but we just don’t see it because of the clothes? On many web-sites dedicated to naturism, it is said that men should hide or get rid of their erections in public (with a towel, cold water, thinking of smth unpleasant etc.); on some others, it is suggested not to bother about it and just behave normally. I find the second attitude healthy, as many men have spontaneous erections when they are relaxed, and even if it has a sexual reason (like you’ve seen someone attractive), it doesn’t necessarily mean sexually aggressive behaviour. I know some guys who don’t want to go to naturist places, because they are easily aroused but are afraid of getting erections in public. They wouldn’t jump on anyone, it’s mere physiology… So, actually it was a great feeling at Starkers that no one really cared about that. But on the other hand, what disappointed me was that it seemed that majority did come to Starkers for flirting/cruising. I just find it annoying, like in any other situation (beaches, saunas or regular dance clubs) that some people can’t just enjoy the environment and just look for a hook-up instead, and nudity is seen by them as merely a sexual trigger. It would be appropriate in a sex/swinger club, but as far as I’m concerned, Starkers is intended as a club for people who just like to hang out naked and dance. I could see that some of the visitors were not satisfied just with that and were constantly cruising. Nevertheless overall I had a positive experience, because there were also many friendly people,

who simply enjoyed dancing naked. And as I liked the music, that was enough to keep me in a good mood all the time. Well, except maybe the midnight show. That one was rather ridiculous, and it didn’t really make much sense to put some opera singing in the middle of house music disco. It was a pity that after the show people seemed sort of confused and needed some time to get into dancing mood again.

I’d certainly recommend visiting this club if you’d like to dance naked, and there’s no other naked disco to my knowledge. It is especially cool to go there on a chilly winter night, when everyone wants to hide under the coat or a blanket in the bed, and to feel yourself in another world. For directions and other information check the official web site of Starkers. And check out also my post dance naked! There is an inspirational video 😉

7 thoughts on “Starkers! On London’s naked disco and erections at naturist locations

  1. I’ve always been an advocate for a really natural treatment of our body, its functions and its products, isn’t naturism about being natural and view and treat it as something natural after all? That’s why I consider that a man having an erection is nothing more than a man with a healthy body having a natural reaction to whatever may have triggered it, as it is any woman menstruating or having her nipples erect. And as you say, it’s the healthier attitude.


  2. Hello! Просвети пожалуйста в чисто организационном вопросе.Вот человек пришел на диско, кода он должен войти без одежды.А куда одежду девать? Деньги, докумены (если есть) ?Ты же не можешь без одежды идти до клуба ..;))


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